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10 March 2005 ... Outta Here

My last day of work is Friday, and then I'll be heading up to Oregon with my guinea pig and my partner.

You know what I am annoyed at? The price of gas which has been jumping up all week. Now, what, 2.08$/gal. Lovely, ain't it. I wish I had my hybrid car.

After weeks of rain and highs in the upper 60s, the weather suddenly got warm and we're in the mid 80s now. A high of 85° is nothing, and yet when I'm driving home from work and I think about turning on the air conditioning... I'm just really glad I'm leaving this hot desert!

I am looking forward to the drive. But I am not looking forward to driving in the red car. bleh, uncomfortable thing. I start squirming around just on my 25 min drive to work, I can imagine how painful it's going to be during 18.5 hours.

well, anyway. I'll be back here typing and with photos and drawings... hum, after the 20th. In the meantime, you'll just have to suffer silently without me. :)

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