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4 June 2003 ... cursed but happy

I've got this curse. When I drive, the car in front of me has no brake lights. This doesn't happen every time I drive, but it's been averaging about several times a week for the past six months or so.

Yesterday afternoon, it was a little white Volvo. This morning it was a white Aspire, who actually had half it's brake lights. But combined with the gray van I got behind this afternoon, who also had half it's lights... that makes a whole, right?! ha.

Fortunately, I am the safest driver on the face of the earth. :) And I know brake-light-less cars are attracted to me. So it's okay.

I am very happy with the mail, lately. On monday, my Paint Shop Pro 8 arrived. Very Big Grin! I opened up the box and the user manual is this 400 page text book. Which I'm definitely going to have to read, since version 8 has lots of new and exciting things. yay, I love to read manuals!

And on tuesday, I got my first ASPCA magazine. Impressive. It's a real magazine and it's all about things I care about. yay.

Also, my very first Zine arrived. I am thrilled. Go check it out at, Mind's Eye: making and keeping creative visual journals. Cool.

Tho there is a growing list of Things I Must Buy!

  • Oooh! I found my new shoes online: some black, hemp shoes over at Vegan Essentials!
  • I still need a new digital camera. And a palm something or other.
  • Thinking about a run to the natural foods store to get some red henna shampoo... since I can't buy my precious Herbal Essences anymore, damn P&G.
  • And an Amazon run, too. Amazon loves me when I keep sending them hundreds of dollars.

And my Grandma has broken some bones, so it would be great if you could send her good, healing vibes so she can hurry up and get better. Maybe throw some Reiki her way. thanks.

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