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28 January 2002 ... Car Accident

Yeah, I'm still not sure what I want to type. But here I am typing anyway.

I had a car accident on Friday. I was driving through an intersection with a light. And someone else was driving through at the same time, perpendicular to me. We meet in the middle and apparently made a big mess.

I have a concussion. I don't remember the accident and my memory is quite patchy for several hours after the accident as well. As far as I know the people in the other cars involved are okay and no one has died.

I spent Friday and Saturday morning in the hospital under observation due to the big bump on my head. Clark, my Significant Other has been so very wonderful, taking care of me, calling people and generally trying to make my life as easy as possible. He is the best. My parents, too, have been great, and I so appreciate all the help everyone is offering.

My thanks, also, to the people who have emailed their concern. It really brightens my day to see that you guys care.

Anyway. I'm just trying to recover, here. My head hurts and my face is all messed up. I've got bruises all up the left side of my body. My back muscles are sore. My breast bone is sore from where my seat belt caught me.

All in all, it's just pretty tough to move around. But I think I'm going to make it.

... And now I have a lawyer. That's just great...

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