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18 November 2004 ... Sad for our Urban Wildlife :(

Driving to work this morning, there was a dog lying in the road. Traffic was pretty heavy, I only saw him for a second. He was close enough to the curb that I didn't have to steer around him, tho I did give him plenty of room. He lifted his head and then I had driven by him. Oh, jeez.

I cried. I couldn't figure out what to do... I didn't have anything in the car, like a blanket to pick him up, or anything for a muzzle. I was just a few miles from work, I decided to beg for a blanket and come back.

My work partner L, told me to go back. She gave me a blanket and reminded me of an area veterinary. I spun out of there to go back. I had to go back and forth a couple times since I could only remember the major cross-street I passed, and that was further than I thought.

Yeah, he was still there. I passed him and stopped the car in a left turn lane. As I was walking back to him... that's not a dog. That's a coyote. Oh jeez. oh jeez.

I stood at the curb and watched him while I waited for a break in traffic. He was down, now, breathing heavy. I could tell he was dying. I thought maybe a vet would take him, to euthanize him. Even tho it's a wild animal, I'm pretty sure they would do that.

Cars all went by, then there's a break. I go out on the road and nudge him as gently as I can with my foot. No reaction. I kneel down, apologize to him, and take him by the scruff of his neck. When I lift him up, I feel something go. yeah.

I put him down in the median. He's not breathing anymore. I can't feel his heartbeat, but it's hard to tell with such thick fur. I stay with him until I'm sure he's gone.

I'm glad I went back. I'm sorry he had to die. I'm sorry we had to take his home, make his life miserable with our presence, and then kill him without a backward glance.

I think about all those people who drove by him this morning... It was probably 20 minutes between the time I saw him, got to work then got back. 20 minutes of heavy traffic, hundreds of people drove by this animal in the road. And no one stopped. What is wrong with people?!

I am sad for our animal friends. I am sad for people who call themselves human, but can't act like one.

So now I am thinking about the things I need to have in the car... a small and dense blanket. a nylon slip leash. a thick glove for potential biters. maybe some telfa pads and an ace bandage. hum. yeah, I do not want to be unprepared again.

And today is the anniversary of Adric's death.

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