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Vegan Friday
fri 15 apr 2011

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Major problems at the day job today. The cuss words were flowing. Flowing like a river. Like, have you ever seen the southern end of the Mississippi River? It wasn't quite that bad, because after all, we are at our job and probably, we shouldn't cuss that much. but still.

So when ever I got so frustrated at our problems that I couldn't even speak because all I could think of were cuss words... I would take a few seconds... breathe deep... and think about the very special vegan happiness I had planned for the afternoon!

*grins* Yay Vegan!

  Chocolate Decadence

This place has been selling vegan chocolates online for a good long while. A new guy bought the business about six months ago... and now we've got a new, beautiful website. And a new, local retail store.

Sadly, new guy is not vegan. But Happily, new store is just a few miles away!

For the "extended" Grand Opening, Significant Other and I got free chocolate bunnies, and entered the drawing for all kinds of awesome prizes.

Me, being excessively excited about the chocolate and the decadence... I had several specific orders for chocolates from my co-workers. :) So I put them in first.

Then I got a mixed bag of chocolates to share with the Copic Warehouse. Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Expresso, and Raspberry buttons. The owner was "manning" the counter, and he was wonderful and generous: he gave me most of a pound and only charged me for half a pound.


And then I got some chocolates for me and SO. a pound of dark chocolate buttons. Some kind of chocolate bar that SO picked out. And I cleared out the chocolate covered caramel.

I have been buying Chocolate Decadence for years... as gifts to others. I rarely get it for myself.

But I know it's bliss. The best chocolate I've ever had.

And now look! At the store, I have so many choices!

I am so very happy at the vegan-ness.

Letter Writing
sat 16 apr 2011

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I had all kinds of plans to celebrate National Card and Letter Writing Month today, by writing some letters!

Unfortunately, I seem to have run out of steam after just one letter!

Letters are way more complicated than postcards, you know. *laughs*

I've decided to send out my first notecard to a company. I'm going to thank Chocolate Decadence for their generosity yesterday.

Not only am I happy to have brilliant vegan options... but it's thrilling to have an entire store, where I can buy Anything! *big eyes* And it's ALL vegan!

A handwritten note means so much these days. And, really: Vegan companies and Vegan People... I think we need a little verbal appreciation. The animals do thank us, in their own ways. But a "thank you", written or spoken, says a lot!

And You? Will you write a letter?

fri 8 july 2011

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On the front page of the newspaper this morning:

  Egg farmers, animal rights group forge pact

Absolutely disgusting!

The LowDown: Egg laying chickens currently get 67 square inches of space in their cages. This new agreement will "almost double" the space, and have "perches, nesting boxes and scratching areas" in the cages. The new cages must be in place by 2029.

and both the HSUS and Farm Sanctuary are smiling and nodding their heads at this? are you kidding me?

Let me explain to you why this agreement is complete BS.

Well, the obvious:

the year 2029? You know what that means? it means nothing! 2029 is completely meaningless... to everyone! Especially the chickens! And especially to the corps which torture millions of chickens every single second of every single day.

They often compare 67 square inches to a sheet of US letter paper. (Which is a bit smaller than A4 paper.) US letter paper is 8.5x11 inches. Even I can do the math: that's 93.5in², which is quite a bit smalller than 67. But add just a couple more inches to get the 2029 agreement: 122in² for white hens and 144in² for brown hens.

So. Eighteen years from now, laying hens might get to have a space a bit bigger than a sheet of US letter paper. (Approx. B4 paper size, which would be 137in².)

Eighteen years from now, laying hens might get to perch or sit on the floor, just touching their hen friends... instead of having to lie on top of, or underneath their cage mates.

And this is an improvement, how?


If you'd like to make a real diffence in the tortured lives of laying hens, just go vegan.

Don't buy eggs. Don't eat dead chickens. Don't eat chicken soup (possibly made from laying hens?). Don't rest your head on feather pillows. Don't get feather meal for your garden.

Being vegan is the only thing that does make sense.

day job
fri 2 sept 2011

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My coworker, Marianne visited the warehouse today... yes, that Marianne. ;)

"Homemade bees wax lip balm, made by my sister!!" she announces, holding a handful of decorated tubes.

"Not Vegan!" I announce.

ha. We have a chat and it turns out, Marianne's sister keeps her own bees... and lets them die every winter. ugh!

And that is why I am vegan. Vegan's don't consume animal products, and bees are in the animal kingdom. Bees make honey so that they can survive through the winter. It is absolutely despicable that humans think that stealing food is okay.

Anyway! Later in the day, as a peace offering... Or maybe Marianne's just awesome... she gave me a charcoal pencil set. Which includes a most interesting white charcoal pencil. White.

oh my. I am already playing with the set, normal black charcoal pencils included... but it's the white that I may have fallen in love with. It feels like normal charcoal... but it is so very WHITE. whoa. (of course, I am marking on a purple sheet of paper.) (hm, I think I might need some royal blue paper?)

sun 4 sept 2011

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I woke up this morning thinking about an incomplete conversation that happened at the day job, weeks ago. *shakes head with a smile* Crazy stuff goes through the head when you are waking up, and falling asleep!

I'm not sure where the topic came from, but we were talking about the amazing variety of food. I was agreeing, but my coworker said to me, "But there are so many things you don't eat!"

"Huh?" I said. I am a bit picky about my vegetables, but this is not common knowledge at work. "What do you mean?" I asked.

"You know," she said. "You don't eat any meat... or cheese." She implied great limitations for my diet.

I laughed out loud! But before I could make my own comment -- which, honestly, they have heard before -- someone else picked up the conversation and it went other places.

My usual comment, after laughing, would have been, "Dead animals are not food!" And neither is cheese.

Ha. I am so used to my vegan-ness that it surprises me when people point out that I am weird!

And the reason that I laughed in the first place: I consider a meat-eating lifestyle to be a more limiting diet.

People don't realize the vastness of vegan cuisine.

yay vegan friday
fri 16 sept 2011

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It's been ... interesting ... this week at the day job and I am quite glad it is done!

The wonderful Significant Other picked me up at work, having just stopped at Chocolate Decadence for loads of chocolates!

Oh sweet raspberry chocolate,
how have I lived for weeks without you???

*laughs* Honestly, this is the best chocolate I've ever had. And it's vegan! The raspberry chocolate is addicting. and for extra sweet, you go for the chocolate covered caramels. and for the mornings, you go for the chocolate covered dried strawberries.


Anyway! After work, SO took me to the Go Healthy Cafe and I got my regular vegan Kickin' It Lime Style burrito. Sadly, I left the building without my "extra lime sauce". I lived through it, but the lime sauce is what turns a rice-and-bean-plus-extras into something awesome!

We ate our dinner while watching this week's Warehouse 13. Yep, I kinda like that show.

And now... I get to think about what I'm doing this weekend!!

Postcards? That's a given! I've got a GoodReads PC exchange about ebooks. I've got a Swap-Bot PC with a frog. Not to mention PostCrossing. Or my personal, monthly postcard: there is no september pc yet.

But I'd like to get some drawing in? Some crocheting? Maybe a cut-out bookmark thingee?

Or maybe just some hiking?


fri 4 nov 2011

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Yep, I'm vegan. and I think being vegan is the most awesome thing in the world! I love every part of vegan-ness. I love the food. I love the lifestyle. I think being vegan makes me such a better person, in so many ways!

I also love the town I live in. Eugene, Oregon is not the number one Vegan City -- shout outs to Portland and New York -- but it's very high on the vegan-friendly list.

My new favorite place to eat is Cornbread Cafe.
100% vegan! Yay Vegan!

We've only been twice, as of today. My fav is the Phish! and the Mac unCheese is... something I want to eat every day, now until forever. I've not tried any of the Sammiches, but I will on our next trip.

The menu is not extensive, but I want to eat every! single! thing! on it. *laughs*

Plus the people there are awesome. I love them, and I don't even know them!

I think I will send them a postcard...

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