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fri 4 nov 2011

Yep, I'm vegan. and I think being vegan is the most awesome thing in the world! I love every part of vegan-ness. I love the food. I love the lifestyle. I think being vegan makes me such a better person, in so many ways!

I also love the town I live in. Eugene, Oregon is not the number one Vegan City -- shout outs to Portland and New York -- but it's very high on the vegan-friendly list.

My new favorite place to eat is Cornbread Cafe.
100% vegan! Yay Vegan!

We've only been twice, as of today. My fav is the Phish! and the Mac unCheese is... something I want to eat every day, now until forever. I've not tried any of the Sammiches, but I will on our next trip.

The menu is not extensive, but I want to eat every! single! thing! on it. *laughs*

Plus the people there are awesome. I love them, and I don't even know them!

I think I will send them a postcard...

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