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Vegan Friday
fri 15 apr 2011

Major problems at the day job today. The cuss words were flowing. Flowing like a river. Like, have you ever seen the southern end of the Mississippi River? It wasn't quite that bad, because after all, we are at our job and probably, we shouldn't cuss that much. but still.

So when ever I got so frustrated at our problems that I couldn't even speak because all I could think of were cuss words... I would take a few seconds... breathe deep... and think about the very special vegan happiness I had planned for the afternoon!

*grins* Yay Vegan!

  Chocolate Decadence

This place has been selling vegan chocolates online for a good long while. A new guy bought the business about six months ago... and now we've got a new, beautiful website. And a new, local retail store.

Sadly, new guy is not vegan. But Happily, new store is just a few miles away!

For the "extended" Grand Opening, Significant Other and I got free chocolate bunnies, and entered the drawing for all kinds of awesome prizes.

Me, being excessively excited about the chocolate and the decadence... I had several specific orders for chocolates from my co-workers. :) So I put them in first.

Then I got a mixed bag of chocolates to share with the Copic Warehouse. Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Expresso, and Raspberry buttons. The owner was "manning" the counter, and he was wonderful and generous: he gave me most of a pound and only charged me for half a pound.


And then I got some chocolates for me and SO. a pound of dark chocolate buttons. Some kind of chocolate bar that SO picked out. And I cleared out the chocolate covered caramel.

I have been buying Chocolate Decadence for years... as gifts to others. I rarely get it for myself.

But I know it's bliss. The best chocolate I've ever had.

And now look! At the store, I have so many choices!

I am so very happy at the vegan-ness.

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