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fri 8 july 2011

On the front page of the newspaper this morning:

  Egg farmers, animal rights group forge pact

Absolutely disgusting!

The LowDown: Egg laying chickens currently get 67 square inches of space in their cages. This new agreement will "almost double" the space, and have "perches, nesting boxes and scratching areas" in the cages. The new cages must be in place by 2029.

and both the HSUS and Farm Sanctuary are smiling and nodding their heads at this? are you kidding me?

Let me explain to you why this agreement is complete BS.

Well, the obvious:

the year 2029? You know what that means? it means nothing! 2029 is completely meaningless... to everyone! Especially the chickens! And especially to the corps which torture millions of chickens every single second of every single day.

They often compare 67 square inches to a sheet of US letter paper. (Which is a bit smaller than A4 paper.) US letter paper is 8.5x11 inches. Even I can do the math: that's 93.5in², which is quite a bit smalller than 67. But add just a couple more inches to get the 2029 agreement: 122in² for white hens and 144in² for brown hens.

So. Eighteen years from now, laying hens might get to have a space a bit bigger than a sheet of US letter paper. (Approx. B4 paper size, which would be 137in².)

Eighteen years from now, laying hens might get to perch or sit on the floor, just touching their hen friends... instead of having to lie on top of, or underneath their cage mates.

And this is an improvement, how?


If you'd like to make a real diffence in the tortured lives of laying hens, just go vegan.

Don't buy eggs. Don't eat dead chickens. Don't eat chicken soup (possibly made from laying hens?). Don't rest your head on feather pillows. Don't get feather meal for your garden.

Being vegan is the only thing that does make sense.

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