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fri 2 sept 2011

My coworker, Marianne visited the warehouse today... yes, that Marianne. ;)

"Homemade bees wax lip balm, made by my sister!!" she announces, holding a handful of decorated tubes.

"Not Vegan!" I announce.

ha. We have a chat and it turns out, Marianne's sister keeps her own bees... and lets them die every winter. ugh!

And that is why I am vegan. Vegan's don't consume animal products, and bees are in the animal kingdom. Bees make honey so that they can survive through the winter. It is absolutely despicable that humans think that stealing food is okay.

Anyway! Later in the day, as a peace offering... Or maybe Marianne's just awesome... she gave me a charcoal pencil set. Which includes a most interesting white charcoal pencil. White.

oh my. I am already playing with the set, normal black charcoal pencils included... but it's the white that I may have fallen in love with. It feels like normal charcoal... but it is so very WHITE. whoa. (of course, I am marking on a purple sheet of paper.) (hm, I think I might need some royal blue paper?)

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