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yay vegan friday
fri 16 sept 2011

It's been ... interesting ... this week at the day job and I am quite glad it is done!

The wonderful Significant Other picked me up at work, having just stopped at Chocolate Decadence for loads of chocolates!

Oh sweet raspberry chocolate,
how have I lived for weeks without you???

*laughs* Honestly, this is the best chocolate I've ever had. And it's vegan! The raspberry chocolate is addicting. and for extra sweet, you go for the chocolate covered caramels. and for the mornings, you go for the chocolate covered dried strawberries.


Anyway! After work, SO took me to the Go Healthy Cafe and I got my regular vegan Kickin' It Lime Style burrito. Sadly, I left the building without my "extra lime sauce". I lived through it, but the lime sauce is what turns a rice-and-bean-plus-extras into something awesome!

We ate our dinner while watching this week's Warehouse 13. Yep, I kinda like that show.

And now... I get to think about what I'm doing this weekend!!

Postcards? That's a given! I've got a GoodReads PC exchange about ebooks. I've got a Swap-Bot PC with a frog. Not to mention PostCrossing. Or my personal, monthly postcard: there is no september pc yet.

But I'd like to get some drawing in? Some crocheting? Maybe a cut-out bookmark thingee?

Or maybe just some hiking?


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