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Back Online, BTT
Thurs 4 Dec 2008

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After five days of feeling vaguely blah, I finally decided to actually get sick. I've been offline for a few, but now I'm back.

PPS is awesome! A most exciting thing happened while I wasn't around! The back-story: Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary is my most favorite animal sanctuary in the world! Some neighboring land, with a house, had come up for sale and Peaceful Prairie was trying to buy it. Yes, I jumped and sent them more money than I could afford! ;) But then, evil people swooped down with a better offer and it was accepted. *cries!*

But then! The evil people's offer fell through! And Peaceful Prairie was able to swoop!! And Peaceful Prairie wins! Yay!! 35 more acres for the animals to live on, and a house which will be converted into a guest house and education center!

Awesome, I am just thrilled to bits!

Booking Through Thursday meme
5 for Favorites

  • 1. Do you have a favorite author?

I always answer this question with David Brin, because I love the Uplift Series. But, honestly, the story is not complete... and the last book was out in 1998, and I don't think he's working on a next set of Uplifts. So that annoys me.

But I don't know who else to name as my favorite author, so I guess I'll have to stick with Brin.

  • 2. Have you read everything he or she has written?

Dolphins! I've read everything Uplift. The six books in the series: Sundiver, Startide Rising, The Uplift War, Brightness Reef, Infinity's Shore, Heaven's Reach. The two short stories, "Afictionado" and "Temptation". And Contacting Aliens: An Illustrated Guide To David Brin's Uplift Universe.

But David Brin has a decent collection of other books that I pretty much ignore. I've not read them, and I don't have plans to read them. I don't know why!

  • 3. Did you LIKE everything?

oh, Yes. In fact, just thinking about these books makes me want to re-read them!

  • 4. How about a least favorite author?

heh. A toss up between Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Mostly just because they are so popular, and when people find out I'm a reader, they ask if I've read whatever by King or Koontz. I don't read horror any more because it's lame!

  • 5. An author you wanted to like, but didn't?

I'm not sure this has ever happened to me!

Sun 7 Dec 2008

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I am up to my old non-blogging tricks again already... I sit down to type up an entry. And then I delete it. But then, I change my mind and undo the deletion, and I type some more. But then again, I delete it. And close the program. And go to bed.

I just can't seem to perk up from this stupid head cold I've had. I can't find anything interesting to say or do. I've quit drawing, so I don't have a backup for a blog entry.


I dreamt last night that I pulled the mail out of the mailbox and there were five or six postcards for me! It made me excited this morning to check my email to see if I had gotten my 20th PostCrossing postcard registered!!

But, no, I'm still at 19. And I still have postcards stuck or lost. Darn it.

So far, I've received 15 postcards, and you can see them all on my postcard wall. Most of the postcards come from the United States. I've gotten a couple from Finland. Others from France, Germany and Thailand.

While I enjoy getting "real" mail once or twice a week, I think I like sending postcards even more. I make my own postcards, which is gratifying. And I like writing little bits to total strangers! ;)

The clouds gave us some sprinkles of rain today, but I am very concerned with the local climate change. It's supposed to rain all winter, in this area, and it's not been raining.

Our normal rainfall for the year is just over 50inches. At this moment in time, we've received 24.46 inches and we are almost 20 inches behind what is normal for this time of year. Last year was similar, we only got 35.25 inches of rain, 16.65 inches behind normal.

I worry about the trees and plants. They have to be wanting some more water. I mean, 20 inches of rain is a lot of water to be missing out on!

20 Postcards
Mon 8 Dec 2008

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Yay! Yay! Yay! My 20th sent postcard got registered today... Yay Taiwan! :D

Unfortunately, I've run out of printer ink! ack! I can't print any postcards! Arg! I was waiting so patiently for #20, just so I could have 6 postcards travelling, instead of measly 5. And now I am thwarted by my stupid printer!

eh, oh well. I'm still going to be happy about the 20!

I am trying to get back to drawing, but I am seriously blasé about it. Sketches got done last night, but I only took about five minutes to work on them.

At least I did something... but I'm not very proud of the effort.

I was much more serious about it when I had a set number of drawings that I wanted to do. (the 30 drawings in November.) Maybe I should put down a number for December. But not 30, since I won't have time to draw during the holidays. Maybe 15.

And anyway, it'd be nice to have something to spice up the blog a bit. All these boring words all the time!


Wed 10 Dec 2008

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I am still all sniffly from the head cold that started on Thanksgiving. That's three weeks of feeling crappy. It's not just me, everyone at work is still sniffly, as is the Significant Other... and they were all sick weeks before I was.

So I'm pretty sure I will never get better. And I woke up this morning with the proof. The left side of my face feels weird, and chewing on that side hurts. So I've got some kind of stupid infection going on.

I don't know what I'm going to do about it, if it gets worse or doesn't go away. I don't have real insurance... just the fake insurance the temp agency lets me pay for, that "reimburses" you for certain things. I'm sure it takes months for that reimbursement to come back, too, and it's just not an option at this time of year!

So, yeah, I am totally depending on Magic to cure me!!

Sat 13 Dec 2008

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Yay, the magic worked! :) My poor infected face is healed. And I am not sniffling as much, so my head cold is finally going away too!

Yay, magic!

We got some rain yesterday and a bit this morning, but we are still way behind on rainfall... 21.16 inches, to be exact. Normal total rainfall by this time of year is 46 inches, and we've only gotten 24.84.

sighs. I hate it. I moved here for the rain!

Even tho it was raining off and on most of yesterday, it did manage to stop raining when I was walking home from work. I had my umbrella out, all ready for it! ha.

I do love being able to walk to work. It's a mile away, and it takes me 20 minutes. I have a couple of streets to cross, and usually the cars are very nice and let me go first, even when I'm waiting patiently at the sidewalk. I smile and wave at them.

I try not to get too complacent about crossing streets tho... every once in a while there will be a day when all the cars are out to get me!

Yesterday morning, I had just started out on my walk to work and I saw a black kitty on the other side of the road, obviously wanting to cross the street. I was cringing because there were cars going by, but the kitty was watching for traffic.

But then she made a run for it! Ack, a car! But the car saw her and slowed down! Yay, she made it! Relief!

When I got to where the kitty was walking, in a driveway, I told her to be More Careful crossing the street! She gave me a friendly squinty-eye cat look.

Hopefully, she'll take my advice. But, jeez, I wish the humans would keep their cat friends inside the house. Outside cats only live about two years. :(

busy, busy
Sun 21 Dec 2008

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I've been so busy, getting organized for the trip to Grandma's house, I've not been able to type. And now, it's my last day in town, and I won't get to type for another week!

oh well. I'll have photos to show when I get back.

And in the meantime, I don't really have time to type, even tho exciting things have happened in the last week. So here it is in outline form.

A family of four raccoons, staring down at me from the limbs of a tree!

Snow! like 5 inches of the stuff that is supposed to be rain! Where did all this coldness come from? heh. The roads are bad for days, since we don't have snow plows and don't put down salt. whee.

Long lost college friend finds my website and emails "hi". *Waves at H* :)

My temp job will extend into next year. Yay! I really like this job for many reasons, and there is basically no chance I will be hired on so I'm glad to work there for as long as they will have me.

More Snow! Just a couple inches this time, but this is just getting crazy. :) Not to worry, it's started to rain again, now. But we'll never catch up to our normal amount of rainfall, we are about 23 inches behind now. humph.

Sending out postcards, via PostCrossing, and I got my first obnoxious user... Doesn't want animals, wild animals, plants, flowers, insects, beaches, art, drawings, handmade, etc a very long list. Basically she doesn't want anything I have. And then she doesn't want it written on, wants it in an envelope. Yeah, right, lady. I am not in the business of supplying you with free, blank postcards.

So I made a new postcard for her (ignoring the "no handmade" instruction), then realized my new postcard was also on her don't send list. ha. So make yet another postcard. Like I have time for this crap. ;) I also wrote on it and sent it the normal postcard way. That is what PostCrossing is about, getting happy mail.

oops, I guess that was less "outline" and more "rant". heh.

I am very excited about my trip to Grandma's house. It'll be good to see all the family again. I hope everyone likes the presents I got for them. I'm positive I will come home with some wonderful new stuff.

That's it for now, beautiful peoples. I'll be back online before the new year.

Happy Solstice!

Happy Holidays!

Happy to be Home
Wed 31 Dec 2008

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xmas Me

The family-time in Iowa was good, but it's good to be home again. And I can't wait to play with all my new toys, read my new books, watch my new DVDs. :)

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