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Sun 7 Dec 2008

I am up to my old non-blogging tricks again already... I sit down to type up an entry. And then I delete it. But then, I change my mind and undo the deletion, and I type some more. But then again, I delete it. And close the program. And go to bed.

I just can't seem to perk up from this stupid head cold I've had. I can't find anything interesting to say or do. I've quit drawing, so I don't have a backup for a blog entry.


I dreamt last night that I pulled the mail out of the mailbox and there were five or six postcards for me! It made me excited this morning to check my email to see if I had gotten my 20th PostCrossing postcard registered!!

But, no, I'm still at 19. And I still have postcards stuck or lost. Darn it.

So far, I've received 15 postcards, and you can see them all on my postcard wall. Most of the postcards come from the United States. I've gotten a couple from Finland. Others from France, Germany and Thailand.

While I enjoy getting "real" mail once or twice a week, I think I like sending postcards even more. I make my own postcards, which is gratifying. And I like writing little bits to total strangers! ;)

The clouds gave us some sprinkles of rain today, but I am very concerned with the local climate change. It's supposed to rain all winter, in this area, and it's not been raining.

Our normal rainfall for the year is just over 50inches. At this moment in time, we've received 24.46 inches and we are almost 20 inches behind what is normal for this time of year. Last year was similar, we only got 35.25 inches of rain, 16.65 inches behind normal.

I worry about the trees and plants. They have to be wanting some more water. I mean, 20 inches of rain is a lot of water to be missing out on!

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