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Sun 21 Dec 2008

I've been so busy, getting organized for the trip to Grandma's house, I've not been able to type. And now, it's my last day in town, and I won't get to type for another week!

oh well. I'll have photos to show when I get back.

And in the meantime, I don't really have time to type, even tho exciting things have happened in the last week. So here it is in outline form.

A family of four raccoons, staring down at me from the limbs of a tree!

Snow! like 5 inches of the stuff that is supposed to be rain! Where did all this coldness come from? heh. The roads are bad for days, since we don't have snow plows and don't put down salt. whee.

Long lost college friend finds my website and emails "hi". *Waves at H* :)

My temp job will extend into next year. Yay! I really like this job for many reasons, and there is basically no chance I will be hired on so I'm glad to work there for as long as they will have me.

More Snow! Just a couple inches this time, but this is just getting crazy. :) Not to worry, it's started to rain again, now. But we'll never catch up to our normal amount of rainfall, we are about 23 inches behind now. humph.

Sending out postcards, via PostCrossing, and I got my first obnoxious user... Doesn't want animals, wild animals, plants, flowers, insects, beaches, art, drawings, handmade, etc a very long list. Basically she doesn't want anything I have. And then she doesn't want it written on, wants it in an envelope. Yeah, right, lady. I am not in the business of supplying you with free, blank postcards.

So I made a new postcard for her (ignoring the "no handmade" instruction), then realized my new postcard was also on her don't send list. ha. So make yet another postcard. Like I have time for this crap. ;) I also wrote on it and sent it the normal postcard way. That is what PostCrossing is about, getting happy mail.

oops, I guess that was less "outline" and more "rant". heh.

I am very excited about my trip to Grandma's house. It'll be good to see all the family again. I hope everyone likes the presents I got for them. I'm positive I will come home with some wonderful new stuff.

That's it for now, beautiful peoples. I'll be back online before the new year.

Happy Solstice!

Happy Holidays!

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