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20 Postcards
Mon 8 Dec 2008

Yay! Yay! Yay! My 20th sent postcard got registered today... Yay Taiwan! :D

Unfortunately, I've run out of printer ink! ack! I can't print any postcards! Arg! I was waiting so patiently for #20, just so I could have 6 postcards travelling, instead of measly 5. And now I am thwarted by my stupid printer!

eh, oh well. I'm still going to be happy about the 20!

I am trying to get back to drawing, but I am seriously blasé about it. Sketches got done last night, but I only took about five minutes to work on them.

At least I did something... but I'm not very proud of the effort.

I was much more serious about it when I had a set number of drawings that I wanted to do. (the 30 drawings in November.) Maybe I should put down a number for December. But not 30, since I won't have time to draw during the holidays. Maybe 15.

And anyway, it'd be nice to have something to spice up the blog a bit. All these boring words all the time!


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