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Sat 13 Dec 2008

Yay, the magic worked! :) My poor infected face is healed. And I am not sniffling as much, so my head cold is finally going away too!

Yay, magic!

We got some rain yesterday and a bit this morning, but we are still way behind on rainfall... 21.16 inches, to be exact. Normal total rainfall by this time of year is 46 inches, and we've only gotten 24.84.

sighs. I hate it. I moved here for the rain!

Even tho it was raining off and on most of yesterday, it did manage to stop raining when I was walking home from work. I had my umbrella out, all ready for it! ha.

I do love being able to walk to work. It's a mile away, and it takes me 20 minutes. I have a couple of streets to cross, and usually the cars are very nice and let me go first, even when I'm waiting patiently at the sidewalk. I smile and wave at them.

I try not to get too complacent about crossing streets tho... every once in a while there will be a day when all the cars are out to get me!

Yesterday morning, I had just started out on my walk to work and I saw a black kitty on the other side of the road, obviously wanting to cross the street. I was cringing because there were cars going by, but the kitty was watching for traffic.

But then she made a run for it! Ack, a car! But the car saw her and slowed down! Yay, she made it! Relief!

When I got to where the kitty was walking, in a driveway, I told her to be More Careful crossing the street! She gave me a friendly squinty-eye cat look.

Hopefully, she'll take my advice. But, jeez, I wish the humans would keep their cat friends inside the house. Outside cats only live about two years. :(

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