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Wed 10 Dec 2008

I am still all sniffly from the head cold that started on Thanksgiving. That's three weeks of feeling crappy. It's not just me, everyone at work is still sniffly, as is the Significant Other... and they were all sick weeks before I was.

So I'm pretty sure I will never get better. And I woke up this morning with the proof. The left side of my face feels weird, and chewing on that side hurts. So I've got some kind of stupid infection going on.

I don't know what I'm going to do about it, if it gets worse or doesn't go away. I don't have real insurance... just the fake insurance the temp agency lets me pay for, that "reimburses" you for certain things. I'm sure it takes months for that reimbursement to come back, too, and it's just not an option at this time of year!

So, yeah, I am totally depending on Magic to cure me!!

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