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sat 25 july 2015

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Ha. Last time I typed here was three weekends ago, with a tenative goal to post here at least once a week. Maybe even twice a week.

And then the following weekend, I had some homework that I brought home from the day job. 6+ hours of overtime, but no time for the blog.

And last weekend, I don't know. I was just totally disorganized and a bunch of projects fell by the way side. Arg!

So now I'm back to my tenative goal to post here at least once a week. Maybe twice. You'll have to keep an eye on me to make sure I follow through! ;)

I have been a bit stressed out, due to the day job and such, and have been considering my options to help me manage. Meditation? Extra Exercise? Journalling?

eh. I've done all these in the past, but I want to try something new. How about Colouring?!

I've thought about Colouring for a long time. A couple years ago I bought a few posters of line art meant to be coloured. I'm not sure what's kept me from working on them... worried I'm going to ruin the whole thing by choosing the wrong marker colour?! Anyway.

A good friend sent me an awesome postcard... line art of an owl! I scanned it in, increased it to letter size, and printed it on marker paper. I started colouring the background on Monday.

I'm taking my time.

Well, I have to take my time because the design is super intricate, so it's slow going. But that's okay. It's not exactly relaxing... because I accidentally go over the line with my marker and then I cuss... ;)

But: Colouring is one of the best forms of meditation. Even when you cuss... I think! :)

I will upload a photo of my colouring once I get a little further along. In the meantime, some links:

  Doodle Art Alley I've been a fan of Samantha's free printables for many years, and now she's got a couple of books out!

  Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book and Enchanted Forest The surprise Best Seller on Amazon. And this is where the postcard art I'm colouring came from. Guess I'll have to buy this book now, since I'm using it anyway! :)

  Stuff 2 Color This is where I bought the line art posters, that I haven't coloured yet! I totally adore the Sea Horse! Maybe I'll colour it next?!

And a colourful photo...


I don't know how that awesome background happened! But I would do it some more if I knew how!

sat 22 aug 2015

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Each time I start typing a post here, it takes too long and it's disjointed and unsatisfying and then I eventually delete everything that I've typed. But this morning, I came across this quote:

You should write because you love the shape of stories and sentences and the creation of different words on a page. Writing comes from reading, and reading is the finest teacher of how to write.
~ Annie Proulx

Yes! Exactly! Different Words on a Page!

Here's the colouring project that I've been working on a little bit, about every other day for the past month or so. The owl from Johanna Basford's Secret Garden...

Owl Colouring

I am just finishing up the green leaves and I'm in the process of figuring out the colours I want for the blue leaves. Once I'm done with the rainbow leaves, the owl will be coloured in light browns with some blue-greens and some light blue-violets.

That's the current plan, at least. Thinking about the colours I want to use, I realize I want to buy some more markers. Even though I've got about 100 of the 358 copics, there's always one more that I "need". ha.

Unfortunately there's a major supply problem with Copic markers at the moment... too much demand, they can't make the markers fast enough. So it's difficult to get some colours. Making do with what I have!

community garden sunflower

The community garden is beautiful with sunflowers galore! I've been busy experiencing the wealth of photo opportunities, and lazy about the weeding. So I need to start cleaning up our garden plot before they think about kicking us out of the community again!

One of the rules of the community garden is to keep the weeds under control. We get notice every year because I let the wildflowers grow, along with the weeds, so being on the verge of getting kicked out is normal.

sun 30 Aug 2015

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sunflowers at the community garden

I adore the profusion of sunflowers at our community garden!

I have a little extra time on my hands this weekend, since I don't have any homework. I am happy to work on some older projects that have been piling up. And I'm reading some old blog posts that I've set aside in my blog reader because they were just too long to read at the time. And I wanted to be able to really think about them.

  World Peace Diet: A Golden Key to Effective Animal Advocacy This is a spiritual vegan blog that I keep up with, and this (very long!) post has given me some encouragement.

I've been vegan for 12 years now, but I have yet to convince the people closest to me -- my significant other, my parents, my brother -- to join me in veganism. When I think about it, this makes me incredibly sad... because I love being vegan, it is the best thing in the world, and I want to share the awesomeness that is veganism with my loved ones!

As a vegan, I am an expression of love in this world... [and] I am here to plant seeds. And by far the most successful, joy-producing, and fulfilling way to plant the seeds of kindness, mercy, and freedom that are the core of veganism, is to live and embody these qualities authentically in my relationships and interactions with others. We communicate with our presence and gestures far more than with concepts and theories. Perhaps it can come through our writing as well.
artichoke blossoms

I also love the other interesting things at the community garden. These are some abandoned artichoke blossoms... You are supposed to cut them and eat them before they bloom. But they are rather pretty and many people let them bloom!

And I am almost done with the background with the owl colouring I'm working on. The line art is from Secret Garden

Owl colouring

birds in flight
sat 19 sept 2015

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One of my photography goals is to take a picture of a flying bird.

Now, to be honest, both me and my camera are too slow to do this, except by accident...

Gold Finches

But I am very okay with accidental photos! There is definitely an element of luck with wildlife photography, and I not only accept that, I welcome it with joy.

This summer, there have been a pair of, or sometimes 3, turkey vultures cruising the sky as I walk to the community garden. I've seen them most weekends for the past several months.

I never thought I'd be able to take a picture of a bird in the sky... It's incredibly hard to find a tiny black speck in all that blue or grey expanse!

But turkey vultures are big. And their flight pattern is slow and fairly predictable. And when they fly close enough... I have been able to get some photos!

And then there's that luck thing...

Buzzard in the sun

Ha! Isn't that a fun pic?! I thought about turning it into a postcard... the sun and the clouds are quite nice, after all. But who am I going to send a buzzard to?? ;)

sat 31 oct 2015

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Well. This past month has been a bit overwhelming for me. I was sick with a bad cold for a while, and then swamped with some day job homework, and then stressed out about "end of the month" day job stuff. My GoodReads postcard group is growing, and I failed a new member. And I have more projects on my plate than I have time for, and that is frustrating me.

Art Every Day Month

And, because I never learn, I'll be adding another project for the month of november... Art Every Day Month

I had signed up for a drawing class a while ago, which begins november first. So I'll be making an effort to work on that every day. I probably won't have time to post here very often, but hopefully I'll have some drawings to show here and there.

drawing class
sun 1 nov 2015

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I logged on to my drawing class website, all excited and looking forward to watching a video and reading the intro stuff... um? why isn't there anything new? *reading* oh. shoot. The class doesn't start until the 3rd! foo.

So I pulled out my new sketch book and a nice purple blending group of Copics and...

Horse sketch #1

Yes, it's a Horse and Pony Drawing Class! I used to be a horse person. I rode horses as often as my parents would pay for. And I graduated college with an Equine Science BS.

And then I was not a horse person. I didn't have the cash to get regular lessons any more. and I had begun my vegan journey and understood in my heart that turning horses into slaves, forcing them with bits and whips, was wrong.

But horses are still my first love. Which is why I'm taking this drawing class!

daily drawing
sun 15 nov 2015

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Well, I'm not doing a very good job of updating. But I am drawing most every day. (I've missed 2 days so far, and made up for one of those with a double drawing.) Not only that, but I'm also sending mail every day as well. (So far, no days missed and I send between 1 and 6 postcards every day!)

Last weekend, I just didn't have time to post an update... But more than that, I didn't want to show my drawings! I was embarassed. Yes, you can tell they are horses, but gah, so artless, so not pretty, so... beginner.

Sighs. Then I decided to just get over myself. Static8 is my home on the internets; if I can't be me here, it's kind of pointless.

And yes, I am allowed to be a beginner! So here I am with my beginning drawings of horses. As a kid I drew horses on my homework. But I've never taken a class specifically about drawing horses. I had no idea that there were grids you could use and proportions to measure things out to make them look right! well, not that mine "look right" yet. ;)

horse drawing class

Extra horse ears

Beyond the obvious trouble of "not quite looking right", I am especially having trouble with the ears. So I took a day to draw a couple extra ears.

Then I got going on the next lessons.


Art Every Day Month

So I am drawing most days! And since the class extends into december, I'm okay with skipping a day here and there. I know I'll have to put the class on pause at some point because december is busy and crazy for me. But I'll keep plugging along until that point.

weekend update
sun 22 nov 2015

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Not a great week here in Static land: I've been dealing with a low-grade cold which saps my energy and my will to live. I've barely been drawing, and I sent no mail for 4 whole days. Which basically means I've died and gone to hell!

But some idiot let me out of hell, and here I am again, gracing you with my internet presence. ;)

drawings for the 3rd week of November

This week's drawings. I skipped another couple days, so I'm 21 days in and I've missed 5 days total and I drew double horses for two days, so I'm 3 drawings behind. Not to mention the fact that I haven't watched this week's video lesson at all!

But the extra practice on the first and second lessons is doing some good, I think.

And yes, in general I am "limiting" myself to one small sketch every day. This keeps the time commitment managable which keeps me coming back most every day. I don't have time for a 1 hour drawing session. I don't even have time for a 30 minute drawing. But a little sketch? I don't even have to look at the time, because it's done in just a few!

Hooded Merganser

These cute little mergansers are winter visitors to our area. This male was paddling with a more shy female. The female has a plain brown crest, but she's pretty cute too!

sad holiday, happy time off
thurs 26 nov 2015

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As an ethical vegan, thanksgiving makes me incredibly sad. Millions of individuals have been tortured and murdered for this one day of gluttony which has nothing to do with being thankful.

In protest, I will not be eating today. I have been fasting on thanksgiving for the past few years, my own personal tradition.

I am also disappointed in myself for failing at the Art Every Day challenge. Always before, I have taken my november "every day" challenge very seriously. I don't know why I'm not demanding my best efforts this year.

Granted, I was not feeling well last week. And this week, I had to work overtime at the day job. Not fun. But I started skipping days well before all this, at the beginning of the 2nd week. And now that I'm acknowledging my lameness, I have also lost my motivation to continue!

I will keep going with my drawing lessons, and my occasional sketches. And I think I will try again, some month soon in 2016... Perhaps also making an effort to post here every day as well, to keep me motivated!

The day job has become rather oppressive to my spirit recently, and I am happy to have a couple days off. During this long weekend, I will be catching up with my GoodReads postcards (over 60 to send out this month!) and a few other letter writing projects. And a few other random projects!

horse sketches

Stuff I'm learning from drawing horses every other day... I haven't gotten bored of drawing horses yet! Charcoal (top two sketches) is fun, but messy. I hate sharpening pencils, so I dug out my good mechanical pencil for the second 23 nov sketch.

Lesson 3 is about drawing horses in motion... I printed the PDFs, and jumped right into sketches without watching the video lessons! I realized right away from my "Ugh #1" that I still need the square grid to help me with the body proportions.

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