sun 30 Aug 2015

sunflowers at the community garden

I adore the profusion of sunflowers at our community garden!

I have a little extra time on my hands this weekend, since I don't have any homework. I am happy to work on some older projects that have been piling up. And I'm reading some old blog posts that I've set aside in my blog reader because they were just too long to read at the time. And I wanted to be able to really think about them.

  World Peace Diet: A Golden Key to Effective Animal Advocacy This is a spiritual vegan blog that I keep up with, and this (very long!) post has given me some encouragement.

I've been vegan for 12 years now, but I have yet to convince the people closest to me -- my significant other, my parents, my brother -- to join me in veganism. When I think about it, this makes me incredibly sad... because I love being vegan, it is the best thing in the world, and I want to share the awesomeness that is veganism with my loved ones!

As a vegan, I am an expression of love in this world... [and] I am here to plant seeds. And by far the most successful, joy-producing, and fulfilling way to plant the seeds of kindness, mercy, and freedom that are the core of veganism, is to live and embody these qualities authentically in my relationships and interactions with others. We communicate with our presence and gestures far more than with concepts and theories. Perhaps it can come through our writing as well.
artichoke blossoms

I also love the other interesting things at the community garden. These are some abandoned artichoke blossoms... You are supposed to cut them and eat them before they bloom. But they are rather pretty and many people let them bloom!

And I am almost done with the background with the owl colouring I'm working on. The line art is from Secret Garden

Owl colouring

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