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sun 15 nov 2015

Well, I'm not doing a very good job of updating. But I am drawing most every day. (I've missed 2 days so far, and made up for one of those with a double drawing.) Not only that, but I'm also sending mail every day as well. (So far, no days missed and I send between 1 and 6 postcards every day!)

Last weekend, I just didn't have time to post an update... But more than that, I didn't want to show my drawings! I was embarassed. Yes, you can tell they are horses, but gah, so artless, so not pretty, so... beginner.

Sighs. Then I decided to just get over myself. Static8 is my home on the internets; if I can't be me here, it's kind of pointless.

And yes, I am allowed to be a beginner! So here I am with my beginning drawings of horses. As a kid I drew horses on my homework. But I've never taken a class specifically about drawing horses. I had no idea that there were grids you could use and proportions to measure things out to make them look right! well, not that mine "look right" yet. ;)

horse drawing class

Extra horse ears

Beyond the obvious trouble of "not quite looking right", I am especially having trouble with the ears. So I took a day to draw a couple extra ears.

Then I got going on the next lessons.


Art Every Day Month

So I am drawing most days! And since the class extends into december, I'm okay with skipping a day here and there. I know I'll have to put the class on pause at some point because december is busy and crazy for me. But I'll keep plugging along until that point.

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