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sun 22 nov 2015

Not a great week here in Static land: I've been dealing with a low-grade cold which saps my energy and my will to live. I've barely been drawing, and I sent no mail for 4 whole days. Which basically means I've died and gone to hell!

But some idiot let me out of hell, and here I am again, gracing you with my internet presence. ;)

drawings for the 3rd week of November

This week's drawings. I skipped another couple days, so I'm 21 days in and I've missed 5 days total and I drew double horses for two days, so I'm 3 drawings behind. Not to mention the fact that I haven't watched this week's video lesson at all!

But the extra practice on the first and second lessons is doing some good, I think.

And yes, in general I am "limiting" myself to one small sketch every day. This keeps the time commitment managable which keeps me coming back most every day. I don't have time for a 1 hour drawing session. I don't even have time for a 30 minute drawing. But a little sketch? I don't even have to look at the time, because it's done in just a few!

Hooded Merganser

These cute little mergansers are winter visitors to our area. This male was paddling with a more shy female. The female has a plain brown crest, but she's pretty cute too!

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