birds in flight
sat 19 sept 2015

One of my photography goals is to take a picture of a flying bird.

Now, to be honest, both me and my camera are too slow to do this, except by accident...

Gold Finches

But I am very okay with accidental photos! There is definitely an element of luck with wildlife photography, and I not only accept that, I welcome it with joy.

This summer, there have been a pair of, or sometimes 3, turkey vultures cruising the sky as I walk to the community garden. I've seen them most weekends for the past several months.

I never thought I'd be able to take a picture of a bird in the sky... It's incredibly hard to find a tiny black speck in all that blue or grey expanse!

But turkey vultures are big. And their flight pattern is slow and fairly predictable. And when they fly close enough... I have been able to get some photos!

And then there's that luck thing...

Buzzard in the sun

Ha! Isn't that a fun pic?! I thought about turning it into a postcard... the sun and the clouds are quite nice, after all. But who am I going to send a buzzard to?? ;)

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