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thurs 26 nov 2015

As an ethical vegan, thanksgiving makes me incredibly sad. Millions of individuals have been tortured and murdered for this one day of gluttony which has nothing to do with being thankful.

In protest, I will not be eating today. I have been fasting on thanksgiving for the past few years, my own personal tradition.

I am also disappointed in myself for failing at the Art Every Day challenge. Always before, I have taken my november "every day" challenge very seriously. I don't know why I'm not demanding my best efforts this year.

Granted, I was not feeling well last week. And this week, I had to work overtime at the day job. Not fun. But I started skipping days well before all this, at the beginning of the 2nd week. And now that I'm acknowledging my lameness, I have also lost my motivation to continue!

I will keep going with my drawing lessons, and my occasional sketches. And I think I will try again, some month soon in 2016... Perhaps also making an effort to post here every day as well, to keep me motivated!

The day job has become rather oppressive to my spirit recently, and I am happy to have a couple days off. During this long weekend, I will be catching up with my GoodReads postcards (over 60 to send out this month!) and a few other letter writing projects. And a few other random projects!

horse sketches

Stuff I'm learning from drawing horses every other day... I haven't gotten bored of drawing horses yet! Charcoal (top two sketches) is fun, but messy. I hate sharpening pencils, so I dug out my good mechanical pencil for the second 23 nov sketch.

Lesson 3 is about drawing horses in motion... I printed the PDFs, and jumped right into sketches without watching the video lessons! I realized right away from my "Ugh #1" that I still need the square grid to help me with the body proportions.

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