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old news
sun 3 july 2011

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Yeah. "old news" is what happens when you fail to update your blog on a regular basis. Random, really cool things, that you want to chat about, start piling up.

  Last weekend, Significant Other got second place in a local pinball tournament!! Isn't that awesome?! *big grins* I told him to practice, and I think he'll get First Place in the next tournament, in August. :D

  Copic Color! This new web site went live on 1 july, and is run by people at my day job so I am thrilled and happy to be involved (because I love my day job)! You can find my profile as Rift Vegan of course, and there are a few art projects there that I've not shown here... so head on over if you're interested!

  and other stuff! I'm thinking about these things, or I'm working on these things, or I should think/work more at these things: The garden is trying to grow. Do I show my Swap-Bot projects here?!? Working on June Postcards!! (but no July postcards yet.) New book: Artist's Journal Workshop... will it get me drawing again? (I doubt it.) Dealing with email from 2009, are you kidding me? And, update the GoodReads already, will ya?!

*deep breath* okay. are we kinda caught up now?

random trivialities
mon 4 july 2011

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Hey! Happy 4th, people of the US! Yay Fireworks!

  Sprouting Carrot Tops With Kids Or "Sprouting Carrot Tops with Silly Adults who simply got it stuck in their head after looking at a sprouting baby carrot in the guinea pig dish in the fridge for the past week". This article says eventually you'll get white lacy flowers! I can't wait! And yes, Boo the guinea pig did eat the other half of the sprouting carrot this very morning. :)

  Copic F01 Drawing Pen, my most recent acquisition. It's a fountain pen... but the nib is so small that you can't tell any real difference between light pressure (a thinner line) and heavy pressure (which is my normal, anyway). It's a relatively cheap, disposible pen, and I am definitely not treating it like a good calligraphy pen, which you should always drag towards you. I am pushing it every-which-way, which would damage a normal nib. I'm not sure if I like it or not, tho! We'll see how long it lasts.

  The email at my main inbox has been hovering around 350 for the past few months. As I mentioned, old emails go back to the year 2009! I've been working at it this weekend: deleting ads, tagging friendly emails, reading the old AWADs! I'm currently down to 167.

tues 5 july 2011

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little carrot bit

The carrot stub is growing already!


Got a few "decent" photos of fireworks last night... how do the professionals get those awesome, perfect blooms?

fri 8 july 2011

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On the front page of the newspaper this morning:

  Egg farmers, animal rights group forge pact

Absolutely disgusting!

The LowDown: Egg laying chickens currently get 67 square inches of space in their cages. This new agreement will "almost double" the space, and have "perches, nesting boxes and scratching areas" in the cages. The new cages must be in place by 2029.

and both the HSUS and Farm Sanctuary are smiling and nodding their heads at this? are you kidding me?

Let me explain to you why this agreement is complete BS.

Well, the obvious:

the year 2029? You know what that means? it means nothing! 2029 is completely meaningless... to everyone! Especially the chickens! And especially to the corps which torture millions of chickens every single second of every single day.

They often compare 67 square inches to a sheet of US letter paper. (Which is a bit smaller than A4 paper.) US letter paper is 8.5x11 inches. Even I can do the math: that's 93.5in², which is quite a bit smalller than 67. But add just a couple more inches to get the 2029 agreement: 122in² for white hens and 144in² for brown hens.

So. Eighteen years from now, laying hens might get to have a space a bit bigger than a sheet of US letter paper. (Approx. B4 paper size, which would be 137in².)

Eighteen years from now, laying hens might get to perch or sit on the floor, just touching their hen friends... instead of having to lie on top of, or underneath their cage mates.

And this is an improvement, how?


If you'd like to make a real diffence in the tortured lives of laying hens, just go vegan.

Don't buy eggs. Don't eat dead chickens. Don't eat chicken soup (possibly made from laying hens?). Don't rest your head on feather pillows. Don't get feather meal for your garden.

Being vegan is the only thing that does make sense.

Sat, 09 Jul 2011 09:59:25 PDT
And some happy news...
the Dog Listener... a local guy is helping dogs who aren't getting adopted from the pound because being locked in jail makes them crazy. (Donations to Promise Land for Pooches Program organized by Pacific NW Red Alert.)

happy saturday
sat 9 july 2011

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Got up early this morning and worked on a couple of my Swap-Bot projects. Yay: two done, and then I signed up for another fun one; a book quote postcard!

Then I worked on my own postcard project... still writing on June postcards! *laughs* I might get caught up to the current month, someday? I'm not worried about it, I enjoy it too much to worry about it! :)

I got some new software, and I am happily reading the user guide and experimenting...

  AlbumPlus X4
I've never had too much of a problem in managing my photos, but only because I have a fairly decent memory for stuff like that. (my "photo file" memory doesn't extend to other areas of my life, unfortunately. ha.) But, I got a good deal on the software... and I thought some tags and other forms of organization would be interesting.

may album

It is terribly interesting! I've only loaded up my photos from this year. In an average month, I take about 150 pictures. Except may, I took over 300. huh. see? interesting!

Plus, supposedly there's a widget in the program that helps make postcards, notecards and calendars, using your photos. *laughs* Actually, I can't wait to check this out because people ask me all the time how I make my postcards... and if AlbumPlus makes it easy, I finally have a direction to point them in!!

So then I wandered on over to GoodReads, thinking I might update my books... the last book I added there was in april. And then I discovered that I'm now the new moderator for the Postcard Exchange group there!!! ha! when did that happen?!?

The Post Card Exchange
The Post Card Exchange 29 members
This group trades postcards with a poem on the back, every two weeks. This is a great way to make po...

Books we've read

View this group on Goodreads »

But, Yay! I can't wait to make all kinds of changes. not the least of which is the description of the group -- going to make it much more simple and general -- and the picture -- gonna make that way more exciting!

^^^ go check it out and see the changes as I make them! *grins*

odds and ends
fri 22 july 2011

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Kinda "down" the last coupla' weeks. I'm not really over my funk yet, but I do have a few things to post about. So here I go...

  Young Activist Creates Animal Freedom Day article from Care2... the link at the end is broken: here's the real one:

animal friendly pledge

  Animal Freedom Day Cute graphic, huh?! :) So! July 23 and 24 will be the second annual Animal Freedom Day. I'm not sure what it's all about, but I'm definitely there!

carrot top roots, yay

  The carrot top grew roots this week! Next step: a little pot with good dirt.

  As of today, Significant Other and I are the proud owners of a rice cooker! I'm excited and I'm hoping this thing will rival the bread machine in usefulness! This is the one we got: Sanyo 5-1/2-Cup Micro-Computerized Rice Cooker and Slow Cooker. yeah, the slow cooker, plus! a vegetable steamer and a tofu maker... So the usefulness is almost guaranteed. just have to see how easy it is.

  Instead of visiting the garden this week, I went to see a co-workers foster family... (oh crap! I left my camera at work!) (haha, which means you don't get to see super cute photos!) (darn!) (anyway!)

Kittens! The kind of kittens who show up at the humane society, without a mom, who really really need a mom. The kind who need to be fed every two hours and require a village to raise. My friend has had them for a couple weeks already, and they only just learned how to play this week. With the playing and the kitten mischievousness, a good time was had by all who were visiting. :)

I occasionally have the desire to do fostering through the humane society... but it is such a responsibility. I'm not sure I'm grown up enough!

  And, speaking of responsibilities, I am now excessively behind on my snail mail projects! Excessively! But it's now the weekend, and hopefully I'll get some stuff done...

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