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sun 3 july 2011

Yeah. "old news" is what happens when you fail to update your blog on a regular basis. Random, really cool things, that you want to chat about, start piling up.

  Last weekend, Significant Other got second place in a local pinball tournament!! Isn't that awesome?! *big grins* I told him to practice, and I think he'll get First Place in the next tournament, in August. :D

  Copic Color! This new web site went live on 1 july, and is run by people at my day job so I am thrilled and happy to be involved (because I love my day job)! You can find my profile as Rift Vegan of course, and there are a few art projects there that I've not shown here... so head on over if you're interested!

  and other stuff! I'm thinking about these things, or I'm working on these things, or I should think/work more at these things: The garden is trying to grow. Do I show my Swap-Bot projects here?!? Working on June Postcards!! (but no July postcards yet.) New book: Artist's Journal Workshop... will it get me drawing again? (I doubt it.) Dealing with email from 2009, are you kidding me? And, update the GoodReads already, will ya?!

*deep breath* okay. are we kinda caught up now?

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