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fri 22 july 2011

Kinda "down" the last coupla' weeks. I'm not really over my funk yet, but I do have a few things to post about. So here I go...

  Young Activist Creates Animal Freedom Day article from Care2... the link at the end is broken: here's the real one:

animal friendly pledge

  Animal Freedom Day Cute graphic, huh?! :) So! July 23 and 24 will be the second annual Animal Freedom Day. I'm not sure what it's all about, but I'm definitely there!

carrot top roots, yay

  The carrot top grew roots this week! Next step: a little pot with good dirt.

  As of today, Significant Other and I are the proud owners of a rice cooker! I'm excited and I'm hoping this thing will rival the bread machine in usefulness! This is the one we got: Sanyo 5-1/2-Cup Micro-Computerized Rice Cooker and Slow Cooker. yeah, the slow cooker, plus! a vegetable steamer and a tofu maker... So the usefulness is almost guaranteed. just have to see how easy it is.

  Instead of visiting the garden this week, I went to see a co-workers foster family... (oh crap! I left my camera at work!) (haha, which means you don't get to see super cute photos!) (darn!) (anyway!)

Kittens! The kind of kittens who show up at the humane society, without a mom, who really really need a mom. The kind who need to be fed every two hours and require a village to raise. My friend has had them for a couple weeks already, and they only just learned how to play this week. With the playing and the kitten mischievousness, a good time was had by all who were visiting. :)

I occasionally have the desire to do fostering through the humane society... but it is such a responsibility. I'm not sure I'm grown up enough!

  And, speaking of responsibilities, I am now excessively behind on my snail mail projects! Excessively! But it's now the weekend, and hopefully I'll get some stuff done...

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