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happy saturday
sat 9 july 2011

Got up early this morning and worked on a couple of my Swap-Bot projects. Yay: two done, and then I signed up for another fun one; a book quote postcard!

Then I worked on my own postcard project... still writing on June postcards! *laughs* I might get caught up to the current month, someday? I'm not worried about it, I enjoy it too much to worry about it! :)

I got some new software, and I am happily reading the user guide and experimenting...

  AlbumPlus X4
I've never had too much of a problem in managing my photos, but only because I have a fairly decent memory for stuff like that. (my "photo file" memory doesn't extend to other areas of my life, unfortunately. ha.) But, I got a good deal on the software... and I thought some tags and other forms of organization would be interesting.

may album

It is terribly interesting! I've only loaded up my photos from this year. In an average month, I take about 150 pictures. Except may, I took over 300. huh. see? interesting!

Plus, supposedly there's a widget in the program that helps make postcards, notecards and calendars, using your photos. *laughs* Actually, I can't wait to check this out because people ask me all the time how I make my postcards... and if AlbumPlus makes it easy, I finally have a direction to point them in!!

So then I wandered on over to GoodReads, thinking I might update my books... the last book I added there was in april. And then I discovered that I'm now the new moderator for the Postcard Exchange group there!!! ha! when did that happen?!?

The Post Card Exchange
The Post Card Exchange 29 members
This group trades postcards with a poem on the back, every two weeks. This is a great way to make po...

Books we've read

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But, Yay! I can't wait to make all kinds of changes. not the least of which is the description of the group -- going to make it much more simple and general -- and the picture -- gonna make that way more exciting!

^^^ go check it out and see the changes as I make them! *grins*

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