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3 September 2000 ... Fiasco Returns
So, I got my new computer back in the mail on Wednesday. I was actually terrified to plug it in to see if it worked. Terrified. But yesterday I got it all set up, started installing programs and moving files onto it. And it has not crashed once. I am utterly amazed.

I ordered a new computer from on 3 June 2000 and got an immediate email receipt. The computer never came, and it never came. I emailed the company twice, got no reply. On 14 June, I called the company and the phone guy said they had "problems with the memory" but it would be in the mail the next day. In the late evening on 16 June, it was put in the mail and I got a UPS tracking number. The computer arrived 21 June 2000.

As soon as I plugged in the new computer it gave me problems. (see New Computer Saga: 22 June, 25 June, 27 June.) On the 27th of June, the new computer became completely inoperable, due to constant crashes. On that day I called PricePc, and they told me to fill out an RMA form and I could send the computer back for repairs as soon as I got an RMA number. I filled out and sent the RMA form that day.

I never got an email reply or an RMA number. During this time I took a vacation and was out of state for two weeks. On my return, I still had no RMA number, tho I had sent the form repeatedly. I called the company again on 18 July and was told to send the RMA form to a personal email address, and I finally received my RMA number on 20 July 2000.

I sent the computer back on 21 July and it arrived at PricePC on the 27th. I never heard back from them. I called the company on 10 August and they told me the computer would be back in the mail the next day. I did not receive a tracking number and called again on 15 August. They told me they would be replacing the motherboard and the computer would go out in the next three to four days. Again, I did not receive a tracking number.

I called again on 22 August and talked to several people at the company. They told me that they did not have the RMA form and they had been waiting for me to call them. I told them that they have had the computer for three weeks and I had already called twice. I told them what was wrong with the computer and they said they would work on it that evening and to call back in the morning.

On 23 August I called and they informed me that they had replaced the CDROM and it would be sent back later that day. I received a tracking number that evening, and the computer arrived at my home on the 30th August 2000.

There you have it. The story of Fiasco. I order a new computer from this damn company at the beginning of June, and finally get a working computer the beginning of September. Three months, lots of email, lots of phone calls... and being lied to on several occasions. What a waste of time. PricePC. Remember that. Never buy from them. And as soon as I figure out where the Better Business people live on the 'Net, I am going to be complaining to them big time.

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