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22 June 2000 ... The New Computer Saga
I think I have decided that new computers are not worth the hassle. I've been working on the brand new 700mhz for 30 hours now and we've been dealing with OS problems, monitor and video card problems, hard drive problems, modem problems. You name it, I've had problems with it.

Some pretty scary moments there. Today I have lost my monitor picture several times, lost my video card twice (which makes it impossible for poor computer to boot up, it just sits there beeping incessantly), had multiple "can't write to C:" errors which lead to a major hard drive death.

When the C: drive died, I thought "well, that's it folks, time to go kill myself now." Instead I took the hard drive out, realized the jumper setting was wrong, changed it and put it back in. Magically, the hard drive is back in business.

So. We think that everything is fixed now. I've got the modem, the video card, the OS and hopefully the hard drive will keep hard driving now. But, like I said, I don't think it's worth the trouble. From now on I'll be UPGRADING. That way I know exactly what I'm getting. No mysteries, no missing drivers, no weird hard drive setups.

The next step is putting all my software onto the new computer. Tedious. No rest for the weary.

Side Note. I've got two separate computers in front of me: two CPUs, two monitors, two keyboards, one track ball and one, ACK, mouse. The mouse is killing me! It doesn't go where I want it to and I swear I can feel the carpal tunnel sneaking up on me.

Second Side Note. It's pretty amazing to see the monitors sitting side by side. The old 14 inch where white is actually gray and all the colors are dull. The new 17 inch, colors are crisp, and white actually is white. Wow.

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