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25 June 2000 ... Computer Saga Continues
The New Computer Saga Continues
The new computer has been named Fiasco. It continues to have very serious problems. Yesterday I booted up and immediately had the registery die on me. Today I booted up and immediately crashed, hard. One of the more exciting error messages I got was "you need to reinstall windows." Great. So far today I have reinstalled Win98 twice. And I am still getting that other lovely error, "Can't write to disk in drive C:"

The computer has been pretty consistant. I turn it off at night, and when I boot up in the morning, I have to spend six to 12 hours trying to fix whatever new problems have cropped up. Maybe I will leave the systems running tonight...

Everything seems happy at the moment. Fiasco has been running for a couple of hours without a single blue screen of death. The LAN is happy, and I have been able to transfer files and programs off the old computer and onto the new. Heck, even the old computer has been playing nice.

This experience is teaching me patience. There is no reason to rant and rave while the computer has to spend another half hour reinstalling windows, right? No reason to get stressed at those blue screens. Sit back, relax, think happy thoughts while you're waiting for that reboot.

*a random error message pops up while cheri is typing*
*cheri curses under her breath*
*Explorer dies*
*cheri considers inflicting various violences on Fiasco*
*cheri reboots directly into a blue screen*
*censored censored censored*

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