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7 September 2000 ... Job, 3
I'm on the road at 5:30 in the morning. It's still dark outside. Echoes of Garbage ring through my head, "This is not my idea of a good time... This is not my idea..."

At work, I sit down to the same crappy job I started yesterday afternoon. I stick two tube things together then use a tool and a machine that uses compressed air to press on a metal ring. And the tool gets stuck on as well and I have to pry it off. Did you know your fingers can get bruised? And this job is messy, too, my hands get coated in silver colored stuff. My shoulders and back start hurting almost immediately.

So I'm sitting there. Counting. Very slowly, 'cause it's a slow job. And I'm looking around during the split second that the machine is doing it's thing. I'm on an outside row, looking to the outside. There's the marked path that the forklifts run on, then a separate but open room for a few more workers, then the wall with huge windows looking out. The glass is polarized so you can't tell if the sky is gray or blue, and the only thing I can see besides sky is a single palm tree.

Counting, counting, counting. A lady comes up and asks if I want to work on Sunday. I consider for a moment. It would mean six more hours of overtime. It would also mean twelve days straight of work before another one day off. Nope, I don't think so. She leaves and I discover I have lost count.

An empty forklift stops right next to me and the guy wanders off. I stop counting and look at the forklift. Lots of buttons. And a joystick. How hard can it be? Quick glance both ways. Nobody's looking. I jump up and hop on the forklift. The joystick makes it go and a little button makes it honk. I honk a lot. Then I crash into some boxes. oops. People are coming after me but I keep going. "Get out of the way you stupid people." I like to honk.

Uh oh. The end of the ware house. I wonder how you open those garage doors. hm, never mind. I crash through them. The little forklift isn't very fast so I make a bee line for my getaway car. Stupid people are right on my tail and I have to punch one out before I unlock my car.

Safe in my car, I peel out of the parking lot, leaving all the stupid people in the dust.

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