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paper journal
fri 5 july 2013

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I've decided that my project for the month of july is my paper journal. I am going to write in it every day, and I'm going to make an art effort as well...

To the art end, I bought a couple books.

20 Ways to Draw a Cat 20 Ways to Draw a Tree

ha! I am going to doodle little animals and trees all over my journal pages.

Well. I'd like to, at least.

I'm also taking the time to bind up the last few months of my paper journals. I have been writing and using loose leaf paper for my journal. Sometimes I write on coloured paper. Sometimes I type stuff and print it. It's nice and easy to add photos that way, and I can print up my blog posts as well.

But I'm not very good about setting aside time to bind the papers. So now I'm taking the time.

BindItAll for my paper journal

I'm using the Bind-It-All to make a double spiral binding. And I'm going to bind two months of journalling into one book, so I can use a bigger size o-wire.

I'd like to print up a cover for my books... kind of a scrapbook page that's an over-view of the two months included. Unfortunately, my scrapbooking skills are non-existent.

That's okay! It's my journal and it's all about me. including my ugly scrapbooking attempts! ;)

Sat, 06 Jul 2013 10:35:52 PDT
Weekly Mail Check-in
This Week: 13 mailings
Reply Mail: 0 postcards
Notecard Projects: 1 notecard

I am just two mailings shy of finishing my "May" postcards. Ha.

Happy Garden
sat 6 july 2013

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I rode my bike to the community garden today, and look at what greeted me at our plot:


A happy surprise, the Coreopsis has just begun blooming! Yay Flowers!

Just a few snap peas... left over from last time and they are trying to become "real" peas. They are still wonderful and sweet, tho.

The first zucchinis are about the size that you can buy at the store; you know, the tiny ones. I'm going to let ours grow a bit more. I can't wait for a meal of steamed zucchini!

And tomatoes on the way...

green toms

And with my almost religious weeding, the garden plot almost looks like real gardeners are taking care of it!

Well. Not really. But it's the best it's ever been. The grass in the pathways is mostly under control. And the weedy area is just Berseem Clover (our winter cover crop) and a few Borage... both are good and happy gardening plants!

I'm thinking about buying some flower cover for the edges of the plot. Doesn't Mow No More, Flower mix sound wonderful?! :)

Coreopsis Close Up

Sat, 13 Jul 2013 09:20:51 PDT
Weekly Mail Check-in
This Week: 10 mailings
Reply Mail: 0 postcards
Notecard Projects: 1 notecard

Yay, done with the May mail!

Flying Bugs!
sat 13 july 2013

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I love bugs of all kinds. But these are special to me...

Lady Bug

I see lady bugs walking on the garden plants every time I go! I'm so happy to see them. Today there were several walking on the sunflower leaves.

Borage Bee

I love this picture. Look at her cute little antenna! I don't ever get tired of watching the bees buzz around the borage, which grows "wild" in our garden plot.

holding a dragonfly

Dragonflies everywhere!

Piggy Pics
sun 14 July 2013

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A decent photo of the guinea pigs together?
Might be impossible.

two piggies, two carrots

Ethel and Lucy with yummy carrots.

two piggies with hay

Lucy and Ethel with yummy timothy hay.

The decent photo of guinea pigs together will probably involve food of some kind...

a sad sad day for the printer
fri 19 july 2013

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Yep. It looks like the poor printer has died.

printer parts on the floor

That's the offending part. I tried the last trick in my bag this evening: yanked it out and cleaned and jiggled everything.

Didn't help at all.


oh well. The printer had a long and productive life.

And the replacement will soon be on it's way.

no biggie. I just need to figure out what to do with my print jobs in the mean time. Kinkos? A real print shop?

So many choices. And then, what if I like it so much I don't want to print my own stuff any more?!


cloudy morning

garden pics
sun 21 july 2013

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I may be pining a bit about the dead printer. But at least I still have my camera and my computer and my web site... I am still able to share my art!

artichoke blooms

There are a couple people with artichoke plants at the community garden. These are Huge plants. The flowers are lovely! But when you think about the tiny little bit of artichoke heart that you buy at the store... I have to wonder if it's worth it! ha.


Someone at the front of the community garden has several roses. Technically, woody plants are not allowed... but these make such a happy entrance into the garden. Plus they give me hope that I will never be kicked out because of my mere weeds! :)


And our garden plot: Yay Zucchini!

On saturday, we picked two big zucs and the first three (small) cucumbers... A total of 4.5 pounds. We ate the first cucumber as soon as we got home! And every meal involves zucchini!

Garden Love!

And, to add to my happiness, I got a new magazine in the mail...


I discovered this mag when my Territorial Seed order of No Mow Wildflowers came: there was an extra flyer/ad thrown in. GreenPrints is a garden magazine of stories and art. oh my gosh, why am I not already signed up?!

happy friday
friday 26 july 2013

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Yay! Not only is it the start of the weekend, but I've had a tiny bit of good luck which has made me incredibly happy...

But first: the context. My printer died last week. I've ordered another one, but I'm not sure when it will arrive and I desperately need to get just a few more postcards printed for the postcard exchange group that I host. I won't bore you with the gruesome and painful details...

An online print shop with a very robust web site said they print postcards (and banners and posters), but they actually don't print anything except letter size. of course, I had to jump through several flaming hoops to find that out. yeah, the burns hurt a bit.

So then I tried to print my postcards at the day job. Unfortunately, the printer there went into conniptions. Fortunately, I did not permanently damage the printer when I kicked it.

At this point, despair has set in. I might actually have to go out and talk to actual people in a real life copy shop to get my postcards printed. You probably don't know this about me, but I am phobic about talking to strangers. So, anxiety is high.

And then, last night, as I was going to bed, I turned on the old broken printer. Every time I turn it on, it wastes ink going through it's cleaning phases, but what the heck, right?

And the printer turned on like normal. huh? no flashing yellow light? So I plugged it into the computer. still no flashing yellow light. well, it won't print anything... I keyed up my postcard file. And it printed a page! And then another page!

HA! I printed all the postcards I needed! And then I printed a Swap-Bot letter that's due on saturday! And then I was tired and I turned it off and went to sleep!

It will probably never print again, but I got the stuff I needed... so that printer is definitely going to heaven when it dies!

bug on the coreopsis

envelope and garden
sun 28 july 2013

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The printer is back to being dead... or maybe it's just in a coma? But that's okay. I am trying out some different art projects while I wait for the new printer to arrive.

I supported a successful Kickstarter campaign for Kreate-A-Lope, and last weekend I got my reward: some envelope templates!

Of course, my original plan was to print some of my more abstract photos and turn them into envelopes. That plan being on hold, copic wide markers to the rescue!

I made it!

(ha. the sky blue marker definitely needs to be re-inked! and the violet one soon.)
I love doodling the little bubbles, it's very relaxing.

Now... if only I could just print something to put in my envelopes!

baby sunflower

Baby Sunflower!

sun gold cherry tomatoes

I ate this sun gold cherry tomato right after I took this pic. It was the most tasty tomato that I've ever eaten in my life.

Well, it was the first garden tomato I've eaten this year... but I think it was more than just that!

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