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sun 21 july 2013

I may be pining a bit about the dead printer. But at least I still have my camera and my computer and my web site... I am still able to share my art!

artichoke blooms

There are a couple people with artichoke plants at the community garden. These are Huge plants. The flowers are lovely! But when you think about the tiny little bit of artichoke heart that you buy at the store... I have to wonder if it's worth it! ha.


Someone at the front of the community garden has several roses. Technically, woody plants are not allowed... but these make such a happy entrance into the garden. Plus they give me hope that I will never be kicked out because of my mere weeds! :)


And our garden plot: Yay Zucchini!

On saturday, we picked two big zucs and the first three (small) cucumbers... A total of 4.5 pounds. We ate the first cucumber as soon as we got home! And every meal involves zucchini!

Garden Love!

And, to add to my happiness, I got a new magazine in the mail...


I discovered this mag when my Territorial Seed order of No Mow Wildflowers came: there was an extra flyer/ad thrown in. GreenPrints is a garden magazine of stories and art. oh my gosh, why am I not already signed up?!

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