Happy Garden
sat 6 july 2013

I rode my bike to the community garden today, and look at what greeted me at our plot:


A happy surprise, the Coreopsis has just begun blooming! Yay Flowers!

Just a few snap peas... left over from last time and they are trying to become "real" peas. They are still wonderful and sweet, tho.

The first zucchinis are about the size that you can buy at the store; you know, the tiny ones. I'm going to let ours grow a bit more. I can't wait for a meal of steamed zucchini!

And tomatoes on the way...

green toms

And with my almost religious weeding, the garden plot almost looks like real gardeners are taking care of it!

Well. Not really. But it's the best it's ever been. The grass in the pathways is mostly under control. And the weedy area is just Berseem Clover (our winter cover crop) and a few Borage... both are good and happy gardening plants!

I'm thinking about buying some flower cover for the edges of the plot. Doesn't Mow No More, Flower mix sound wonderful?! :)

Coreopsis Close Up

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