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fri 5 july 2013

I've decided that my project for the month of july is my paper journal. I am going to write in it every day, and I'm going to make an art effort as well...

To the art end, I bought a couple books.

20 Ways to Draw a Cat 20 Ways to Draw a Tree

ha! I am going to doodle little animals and trees all over my journal pages.

Well. I'd like to, at least.

I'm also taking the time to bind up the last few months of my paper journals. I have been writing and using loose leaf paper for my journal. Sometimes I write on coloured paper. Sometimes I type stuff and print it. It's nice and easy to add photos that way, and I can print up my blog posts as well.

But I'm not very good about setting aside time to bind the papers. So now I'm taking the time.

BindItAll for my paper journal

I'm using the Bind-It-All to make a double spiral binding. And I'm going to bind two months of journalling into one book, so I can use a bigger size o-wire.

I'd like to print up a cover for my books... kind of a scrapbook page that's an over-view of the two months included. Unfortunately, my scrapbooking skills are non-existent.

That's okay! It's my journal and it's all about me. including my ugly scrapbooking attempts! ;)

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