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Happy New Year
tues 1 jan 2013

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In 2012, I Read 35 Books! I read an average of 220 pages per week and my average book had 330 pages.

In 2012, I Sent 847 Postcards, Notecards, Letters and Packages! I averaged 71 mailings per month.

In 2012, I Took on 40 Urgent Action Cases for Amnesty International!

In 2012, I Took 4067 Photos! Averaging 339 photos per month.

Creative Every Day 2013

I have signed up for the Creative Every Day Challenge.

I want to branch out from my ongoing postcard project and explore some different forms of art! Drawing, art journalling, piano, amigurumi, sign language, book making, stamp carving, letter writing...

I especially want to bring more creativity to my garden, blog and vegan life.

Rhino the guinea pig
sat 5 jan 2012

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My friend Rhino got a christmas present from my family!

Rhino gets his xmas present

He chewed on the wrapping paper, but he was taking too long to eat it, so Significant Other helped him. ha.

Inside was a wonderful new chew toy!

Rhinos new chew ball

While I was out of town, visiting my family over the xmas vacation, Rhino had to hang out at home with a pet sitter.

Tom, our old pet sitter who had taken care of Tegan and Boo (and maybe Twitch?), had retired over the summer. So we were super lucky to find a new guy that I immediately felt comfortable with! He took very good care of Rhino while we were gone.

Rhino was happy when we returned home. Which made me happy... We adopted Rhino in March and he has such serious issues that I wasn't sure if we had made an impression on him yet!

ha. But yeah, his tolerance for cuddle time has increased. But not for long, because he needs a hair cut. (and that's the thing he hates the most!)

sat 12 jan 2013

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In the "good old days" -- yes, it was just a few months ago! -- I had the wonderful privilege of walking to my day job. I got great exercise, and the occasional great photo, without any sacrifice.

And then my job moved to the other side of town.

Now I've got a driving commute (or a car-pool ride) of 20 or 30 minutes. And no desire to waste my time exercising during the week.

But I really must consider the 8 or 9 miles I used to walk every week. Somehow, I need to jam three hours of exercise into my week.

Otherwise? Well. Some chubbiness. And a lot fewer photos to pick from when I make my postcards.

Yeah, it might be the photography driving me...


Currently, I'm walking five or six miles during the weekend.

The saturday walk is easy. But I come home from the extended walk and my back starts aching. The body is not used to the sudden exercise! Which makes the sunday walk very tough. ugh!

But what can I do? The teals are calling! Teals!

I thought Mallards were the only ducks on the creek. But then I saw these Teals. They are such precious little ducks! I love them!

They are easy to pick out because they are so much smaller than the Mallards. They are quite shy. If I obviously stop to look at them, they will paddle away. foo.

Are they new here? I've never seen them before! But then, I am also walking in a new area... is this a normal wintering area for them? I don't know!

bike path

Goodbye Rhino
fri 18 jan 2013

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My friend, Rhino the guinea pig, has died.

rhino the guinea pig

We adopted him less than a year ago, 9 March 2012.

We hardly got to know him, but I am glad he came into my life. He had a rough beginning before I adopted him. But for the last ten months of his life he had safety and gentleness and even some happiness.

how to re-start
sat 26 jan 2013

Entry #5 on this page (tagged: january, )

I am trying to convince myself to quit moping and get back to my hobbies. The enthusiasm is lacking... but maybe if I pretend, my zest will come back.

A month of letters

I am very happy to see LetterMo come back for a second year... The challenge is to put something in the mail every single day during the month of february. Last year, I was sick for most of the month, but I did enjoy it... and managed to get 60 bits of mail out.

I am all signed up, and ready to do way more than 60 mailings!

This morning, I spent about 100$ at my friendly online postal store. The price of US stamps goes up on 27 jan, and there are a bunch of new stamps to be had! I've still got most of a sheet of the old $1.05 international stamps, but I can't wait to use one of the new ROUND international forever stamps...

USPS Global Forever stamp

This afternoon I walked to Staples and spent 50$ on the special photo paper that I use to make my postcards.

I am way behind on my postcards.

I moderate a monthly postcard exchange, and I've not sent postcards to them. I've not sent anything to my overseas pen pals in months. My january postcard for the postcard group I've been a member of for years is not even designed, let alone printed or written. Plus I have a few xmas Thank You notes left to write!

Amnesty International

The one thing that I have worked on is my Amnesty International writing. In 2012, I wrote letters for 40 cases, and this year I want to do more. My goal for 2013 is 60 cases!

So. I am bound and determined to get some mail out in the next month and beyond.

If you're interested, I've set up an account at Postable...

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