sat 12 jan 2013

In the "good old days" -- yes, it was just a few months ago! -- I had the wonderful privilege of walking to my day job. I got great exercise, and the occasional great photo, without any sacrifice.

And then my job moved to the other side of town.

Now I've got a driving commute (or a car-pool ride) of 20 or 30 minutes. And no desire to waste my time exercising during the week.

But I really must consider the 8 or 9 miles I used to walk every week. Somehow, I need to jam three hours of exercise into my week.

Otherwise? Well. Some chubbiness. And a lot fewer photos to pick from when I make my postcards.

Yeah, it might be the photography driving me...


Currently, I'm walking five or six miles during the weekend.

The saturday walk is easy. But I come home from the extended walk and my back starts aching. The body is not used to the sudden exercise! Which makes the sunday walk very tough. ugh!

But what can I do? The teals are calling! Teals!

I thought Mallards were the only ducks on the creek. But then I saw these Teals. They are such precious little ducks! I love them!

They are easy to pick out because they are so much smaller than the Mallards. They are quite shy. If I obviously stop to look at them, they will paddle away. foo.

Are they new here? I've never seen them before! But then, I am also walking in a new area... is this a normal wintering area for them? I don't know!

bike path

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