Happy New Year
tues 1 jan 2013

In 2012, I Read 35 Books! I read an average of 220 pages per week and my average book had 330 pages.

In 2012, I Sent 847 Postcards, Notecards, Letters and Packages! I averaged 71 mailings per month.

In 2012, I Took on 40 Urgent Action Cases for Amnesty International!

In 2012, I Took 4067 Photos! Averaging 339 photos per month.

Creative Every Day 2013

I have signed up for the Creative Every Day Challenge.

I want to branch out from my ongoing postcard project and explore some different forms of art! Drawing, art journalling, piano, amigurumi, sign language, book making, stamp carving, letter writing...

I especially want to bring more creativity to my garden, blog and vegan life.

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