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sat 26 jan 2013

I am trying to convince myself to quit moping and get back to my hobbies. The enthusiasm is lacking... but maybe if I pretend, my zest will come back.

A month of letters

I am very happy to see LetterMo come back for a second year... The challenge is to put something in the mail every single day during the month of february. Last year, I was sick for most of the month, but I did enjoy it... and managed to get 60 bits of mail out.

I am all signed up, and ready to do way more than 60 mailings!

This morning, I spent about 100$ at my friendly online postal store. The price of US stamps goes up on 27 jan, and there are a bunch of new stamps to be had! I've still got most of a sheet of the old $1.05 international stamps, but I can't wait to use one of the new ROUND international forever stamps...

USPS Global Forever stamp

This afternoon I walked to Staples and spent 50$ on the special photo paper that I use to make my postcards.

I am way behind on my postcards.

I moderate a monthly postcard exchange, and I've not sent postcards to them. I've not sent anything to my overseas pen pals in months. My january postcard for the postcard group I've been a member of for years is not even designed, let alone printed or written. Plus I have a few xmas Thank You notes left to write!

Amnesty International

The one thing that I have worked on is my Amnesty International writing. In 2012, I wrote letters for 40 cases, and this year I want to do more. My goal for 2013 is 60 cases!

So. I am bound and determined to get some mail out in the next month and beyond.

If you're interested, I've set up an account at Postable...

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