Rhino the guinea pig
sat 5 jan 2012

My friend Rhino got a christmas present from my family!

Rhino gets his xmas present

He chewed on the wrapping paper, but he was taking too long to eat it, so Significant Other helped him. ha.

Inside was a wonderful new chew toy!

Rhinos new chew ball

While I was out of town, visiting my family over the xmas vacation, Rhino had to hang out at home with a pet sitter.

Tom, our old pet sitter who had taken care of Tegan and Boo (and maybe Twitch?), had retired over the summer. So we were super lucky to find a new guy that I immediately felt comfortable with! He took very good care of Rhino while we were gone.

Rhino was happy when we returned home. Which made me happy... We adopted Rhino in March and he has such serious issues that I wasn't sure if we had made an impression on him yet!

ha. But yeah, his tolerance for cuddle time has increased. But not for long, because he needs a hair cut. (and that's the thing he hates the most!)

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