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fri 17 june 2011

A couple articles in the local news, have annoyed me greatly.

  State will investigate pesticide case 6.13, Eugene Register Guard
  Lawsuit focuses on herbicide drift issue 6.15, Eugene Register Guard

Ugh. I've read Silent Spring twice now, and I wish I could hand the book to people and make them read it. I mean: atrazine and 2,4-D? Are you serious? These are still being made? and still being sprayed? and still killing animals (even tho they are effing _herbicides_!) ("HERB" meaning plant!) (the "plant" poison is so stong it kills animals!) (humans are animals too!)?

Humans just don't learn.
And I can't understand why.

  Food is a Right at Challenge Oppression
Food Not Bombs volunteers in Orlando Florida are arrested for feeding homeless people.

So pathetic, I think I need to cry.

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