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the week.
fri 24 june 2011

After two weeks of writing a handful of postcards every evening... it felt weird not writing any this week. I really missed it! I can't wait to get back to writing my postcards. :)

Monday, both SO and I visited the garden. On thursday, I went by myself after work. I shouldn't have! I did about a hour of work, then left. As I was fiddling with the padlock on the garden gate, my bike, leaning against my other side, slipped and fell. The handle bar fell right on my foot.

and then "huh. I think. I broke. my toe."
and then "shoot. I really wanted to walk to work tomorrow morning!"


so, yeah... I didn't get to walk to work. And I limped pitifully all day. And for all this pain and suffering? my foot looks almost perfectly normal! I don't even have any proof or anything!! so annoying!

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