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sun 19 june 2011

So. Last week we got The Phone Call.

The phone call that we get every year that says, Clean up your Community Garden Plot or we will kick you out!

It just wouldn't be June without that phone call!


So! This past week, SO and I have spent some time at the garden. Him, clearing out some of the cardboard that we laid down over the winter to keep the weeds down. Me, forking out planting areas and picking out the grass roots.

We keep planting seeds that don't grow. I planted the peas three times before we got a few plants. And today I planted carrots for the third time. I've mostly given up with the seed thing.

My tofu pot plants are hit and miss. The cherry tomatoes are still alive, and the nasturtiums are actually growing! But the beans, marigolds, sunflowers, leeks, and whatever else it was that I attempted... are dead.

But! I ate my first strawberry today! and there are loads more on the way. We planted our strawberry patch last autumn, starts from one of our garden neighbors.

And SO has a good cabbage patch going. Free starts from a local shop.

unknown purple flower

A rain drenched trip to Saturday Market yesterday and today I planted two good cucumber plants and one zuchini. (Too bad I couldn't tell one plant from the other! tags on the plants were lacking, and the leaves are _exactly_ the same. huh?! ha!) And a pretty purple thing, also lacking a tag, that has a long unknown name to it!

Later this week, we'll plant the rest: Basil, Dill and some kind of pepper that SO got.

I really wanted some green beans this year... The "tofu pot" bean sprouts died right after transplanting, and the seeds I planted a couple times didn't grow. I'm procrastating, but I am going to start some more seeds in pots to be transplanted. again.

And, in the meantime... I've got six tofu pots going with seedlings. Can't remember what!! haha... I know the two vigorous seedlings are a Salad Blend that I got on one of my seed trades this spring. I'm pretty sure I planted more Marigolds. But that leaves three other tofu pots, unaccounted for!!


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