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Something for Me
sat 4 sept 2010

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In the evening, just before I go to bed, I try to ask myself "What little thing can I do right now that will make my day more fulfilling or meaningful?"

Sometimes I will write a postcard. Do a bit more in my paper journal. Read a specific book. Play with Boo the guinea pig. Colour with my copics for a few minutes.

Quite often in the last couple of months, the answer is, "oh, just go to bed now... you need your beauty sleep!" *laughs*

A few weeks ago, the answer was a vague "you need to make something for yourself." Unfortunately, I had so many projects for other people going on, I could not even consider a personal project. And still more unfortunately, those projects were mostly _stuck_ and not moving forward.

Caron Paint Spring Brook

But then I figured out that I wanted to crochet myself a scarf, and I have this most beautiful multi-coloured string of moss green and pale green and blue-green and hydrangia blue.

I started on my scarf, regardless of the other projects.

and miraculously I suddenly felt like working on the other projects as well! A couple of them are done and out the door! And my scarf is almost finished as well... got to be the fastest I've ever crocheted!

So Yay. I think I am back in the creating business.

Garden, Recomitt
sun 12 sept 2010

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I have been thinking hard about our Community Garden plot lately. This is our second year at our Community Garden...

cherry tomatoes Growing!

I have had a couple negative experiences at the Garden this year. Besides that, I hate to kill the "weeds", and also SO has done most of the work; this year and last year. I feel a little guilty about that. and.

I have honestly thought about letting go of our Community Garden Plot.

But it sounds like such a sacrilege...

Me as a vegan; I _should_ have a garden.
But also, we have become a "one income" family... If that situation continues (or degrades) the garden might become important.


I've decided to pretend to be a Real gardener.

I am going to kill some weeds.

That is the start. Next, get educated. Apparently, there are these gardening "zone" things. There's this map on the back of seed packets that I totally ignore. I'm going to learn all about it.

And I'm going to find a book about Veganic Gardening.

And I'm going to find some seed catalogs. Apparently these still exist!

Postcard and Stamps
sat 18 sept 2010

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My August Postcard:

Sunshine at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

Yay Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary! This is Sunshine, who lives there... She was busy with her mud bath. I just love pigs!!

And I really like the stamp sheet that came out on 1 Sept...

Hawaii Rain Forest stamps

The Hawaiian Rain Forest 44¢ stamps are the last in a series called Nature of America. There are 12 sets in that series, which started in 1999. I'm kinda sad, knowing no more of these stamps will be made, because the art is just incredible on every single set!

The Hawaiian Rain Forest and the set before, the Kelp Forest, are also made into stamped large postcards! This makes me happy. Probably will make my recipients happy too. :)

Oh! And speaking of "recipients"... I ran into a most wonderful blog the other day.

  365 Letters

In 2009, the author, Carla, wrote a letter every day. This year, the blog is about letter writing ideas.

It just delights me! Not that I could write a letter every day. Okay, actually it's been a while since I have written a letter at all!

In August I sent out about 45 postcards. But postcards are different! There is just this tiny space to fill. With letters... potentially you have Pages to fill!

I used to send a few letters a year to my Great Aunt and my Grandma. But they have both moved on to the next plane of existance. So I'm not really sure who to send letters to, anymore! :/

I will have to think about it...

Booking Through... Currently
fri 24 sept 2010

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Booking Through Thursday meme

  • What are you reading right now? What made you choose it? Are you enjoying it? Would you recommend it? (And, by all means, discuss everything, if you’re reading more than one thing!)

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson 1962, the book that brought the insecticide DDT down.

A very hard book to read, knowing how things have turned out: DDT may have been banned in the US, but it's still being made in other parts of the world. And thousands of other insecticides, herbicides, pesticides and other poisons are created and produced every year; by the tons.

I've read to about page 100, and it's amazing anybody's still alive! All the "-icides" are seriously toxic to Every Living Being!

When Silent Spring was written, insecticides had gotten everywhere... the loneliest mountain stream and every single person in the world contained (and still contain! and continue to acquire more! and new! and different!) traces of the poisons we have made. And these days, of course, frogs are going extinct, right after they grow three hands and no feet. It's just a matter of time before the humans follow suit.

and it's our own damn fault.

Cheerful reading, huh?! well, yeah, it's right up my Doomer alley! Anyway, it's classic Environmental reading, something everyone should read.

the Vegetable Gardeners Bible

Yesterday, I received The Vegetable Gardener's Bible. It's my first gardening book and I started paging through it right away!

It's not quite a "bible", but it does have a lot of good, basic information. (and pretty pictures!) And that's what I need. I'm going to inhale this book and try to figure out what my next gardening book needs to be!

(Veganic? ... Anyone? ... Anyone? ... )

Because I really am committed to pretending to be a real gardener! I killed some more "weeds" today. And I'm thinking about killing "weeds" tomorrow too. And I'm even thinking about mulch. Which doesn't even make sense to me, but I'm going to do it anyway because that's what real gardeners do!!


sat 25 sept 2010

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Thanks to my very good friends for the veganic links!! I have some web reading to do now, plus sussed out a couple of veganic books. Yay!
with an article about mulch on the front page even. Plus, books about plant-based farming. Lots of stuff to read here!

  Vegan-Organic Growing
What a great page of information! Towards the bottom, a list of books! As well, a list of other organizations... looks like the UK is the place to be! :)

*deep breath* Looking though these websites makes me really happy. Well, of course all things vegan make me happy.

asters in the garden

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