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sun 12 sept 2010

I have been thinking hard about our Community Garden plot lately. This is our second year at our Community Garden...

cherry tomatoes Growing!

I have had a couple negative experiences at the Garden this year. Besides that, I hate to kill the "weeds", and also SO has done most of the work; this year and last year. I feel a little guilty about that. and.

I have honestly thought about letting go of our Community Garden Plot.

But it sounds like such a sacrilege...

Me as a vegan; I _should_ have a garden.
But also, we have become a "one income" family... If that situation continues (or degrades) the garden might become important.


I've decided to pretend to be a Real gardener.

I am going to kill some weeds.

That is the start. Next, get educated. Apparently, there are these gardening "zone" things. There's this map on the back of seed packets that I totally ignore. I'm going to learn all about it.

And I'm going to find a book about Veganic Gardening.

And I'm going to find some seed catalogs. Apparently these still exist!

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