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sat 4 sept 2010

In the evening, just before I go to bed, I try to ask myself "What little thing can I do right now that will make my day more fulfilling or meaningful?"

Sometimes I will write a postcard. Do a bit more in my paper journal. Read a specific book. Play with Boo the guinea pig. Colour with my copics for a few minutes.

Quite often in the last couple of months, the answer is, "oh, just go to bed now... you need your beauty sleep!" *laughs*

A few weeks ago, the answer was a vague "you need to make something for yourself." Unfortunately, I had so many projects for other people going on, I could not even consider a personal project. And still more unfortunately, those projects were mostly _stuck_ and not moving forward.

Caron Paint Spring Brook

But then I figured out that I wanted to crochet myself a scarf, and I have this most beautiful multi-coloured string of moss green and pale green and blue-green and hydrangia blue.

I started on my scarf, regardless of the other projects.

and miraculously I suddenly felt like working on the other projects as well! A couple of them are done and out the door! And my scarf is almost finished as well... got to be the fastest I've ever crocheted!

So Yay. I think I am back in the creating business.

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