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Sat 13 Oct 2007

Book binding is a long lost hobby of mine. I enjoyed it, got bored of it, and now I'm happy to know that I could bind a book if I felt like it. :)

But I had been thinking about my Art By The Inch art challenge of last year. Around 30 or so, loose leaf papers of varying weights and colours with my art on them. Needing to be bound.

I was pretty excited when I found this little Bind-it-All machine. It's inexpensive, it does double spiral binding, it's manual (no electricity), it's small and lightweight and easy to use.

So Yay. ABTI 2006 is now bound! And I've got quite a "collection" of art challenge books now...

Three book bindings

In the front, is the "Art by the Inch, November 2006" book with it's new double spiral binding. The front cover is a printout of some stock art, protected behind a sheet of clear plastic. The back cover is a sheet of thicker white plastic.

The contents are, of course, my art from last years challenge, when I did approximately a page of art every day for the month. You can read about it here: 10 Nov 2006 ~ ABTI: 1-5, 12 Nov 2006 ~ ABTI: 6-10, 23 Nov 2006 ~ Happy Thanksgiving, and 2 Dec 2006 ~ ABTI.

The next book is "Sketch Book". This is a simple Japanese Stab binding. It's good for binding loose leaf sheets (not signatures), but the drawback is that the book doesn't lay flat.

The contents of that book are my sketch challenge from August to December 2005. That year I did Very rough sketches and blind contours, filling three pages a day. Every week I changed the colour of the paper I was drawing on, so that's a pretty cool book. um, on the outside that is. The sketches on the inside are rather crappy. ;)

The dark book in the back is my ABTI 2004. It's three hole punched and the rings are made of dyed macrame string. The cover is of a water garden that I took from a calendar. I actually made this book as a blank book, and drew in it for the challenge. I took better pictures of it here: 10 Oct 2004 + Creations.

Yeah, but now I'm thinking about the art challenge for this year. I suppose I should quit calling it "Art by the Inch" because that website is now defunct and probably soon to be a porn site. sighs.

November is the month, because that when National Novel Writing Month takes place... but it doesn't look like anyone else has taken up the ABTI torch. humph.

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