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sun 21 Oct 2007

For the past month or so, little art thoughts have been bubbling.

At the end of September, I typed here about my stuffed animals and added a sketch I did a year ago from my art by the inch challenge. And then, last weekend, I bound that same challenge into a nice double-spiral notebook. And, of course, I'm thinking about doing, or not doing, the art challenge this year in November.

The book I reviewed for banned book week had some lovely animal illustrations. And SO and I went to an art show of a coworker who does great abstract art. And there was this coversation at work about that...

I was reading (during break), but perked up when I realized they were talking art. The one lady noticed my attention and asked "Do you do art in your spare time, too?"

I nodded, yes, enthusiastically.

"Oh, yeah? What are you into?"

um. I shook my head, no.

Straightening the confusion out, I said, "I keep a journal." and she mentioned how Danny Gregory is cool. :)

But yeah. My art journal has faded. I write every day, there are occasional doodles. But there is nothing really artistic about it, and I've not done any art outside the journal either. My digital pursuits have fallen by the wayside as well.


I am a sponge. I read, I listen, I lurk. Lots of information going in.

The journal and this blog are kind of like... poking at the sponge so it drips a little.

I keep thinking that at some point, boom, there will be a spongy explosion like a three dimensional Jackson Pollack painting.

But, no.

I've got nothing.

So. I'm going to start. Something.

Expect Randomness!



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