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2 Dec 2006 ... Art by the Inch


It annoys me to have unfinished projects hanging around. And I do actually have a few things to type about regarding my art challenge. So I'm going to wrap this up...

Day 23 Artspace

This is my art space and a couple examples of the abstract art that I got obsessed with. I paint on the floor, my "drop cloth" is a sheet of corrugated cardboard, it's been nibbled upon by a certain guinea pig. I've got my cheap-o pan watercolours, and the tube of white, the blue thing on the left is my tin of watercolour crayons. The white thing on the right is a handmade dishcloth, crocheted by my Gram, that I wipe my brush on.

The dots were just an experiment. I put a colour on each side of my sponge brush and twisted it on the paper to make a rough circle. "Hey, that's kind of cool" and I just kept going. heh.

I've got about a weeks worth of those type paintings. Tried it with my two inch sponge brush, with my tube watercolours and with acrylics. I think it would be cool if I could take this fun thing and actually make a real picture with it... ?

Day 30 art stix

As for most of the other days... there were drawings, coloured drawings, bits of calligraphy, marker drawings, digital drawings, and scribble art. I did three versions of the Thanksgiving cornucopia, but nothing else really worth showing.

I learned that I must, must always, draw guidelines before I do any kind of calligraphy or brush writing. ha.

Day 27 drawing and calligraphy

My flamingo has a weird story... I drew this on the 27th: the drawing is copied from a Dover book, the calligraphy is happily sitting on guidelines! Yesterday, I was re-arranging a pile of papers and books and saw the exact same flamingo on my Dynamic HTML book.

book cover dhtml

That's just funny! And does Dover know about this O'Reilly thing? Are all of the O'Reilly animals from Dover?!

(oh, and the "Flamingos do not have backwards knees"... That's actually their perfectly normal ankle joint that you see. smiles. Just a bit of triva for ya!)

So. That's it. Art by the Inch 2006. My goal was 2,500 square inches and my total was: 2,595. I've printed out the few digital things, and my book has 31 pages. I'm going to three-ring bind it, with a cover similar to my ABTI 2004 book...

And, looking back at my 2004 art challenge, hmmm. It seems like I put in a lot more effort that year. There were more drawings that year because I did a lot of small digital sketches. And I spent more time doing the art.

This year, I spent less time on art... And in consequence, I didn't burn myself out. After 2004, I felt like I needed a break from art, I took it and never got back into the swing. But this year, I feel like I can keep going. So. We'll see if that actually happens!

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