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12 Nov 2006 ... ABTI 6-10

Art by the Inch, continued!

Day 6: calligraphy on watercolour

Day six. I started this one with some watercolours over some swoops of white crayon. As it was drying, I came to the conclusion that this wasn't really "art" but it could be a very nice background. So I threw some calligraphy over it. The quote is from David Brin's book, Earth

Day seven. Um, yep, I totally skipped a day. bad artist!

Day 8: Oregon critters

Day eight, I drew some Oregon critters... a crow and some blue jays, a squirrel (who is way too red), that's a raccoon under the tree and a little squirrel is climbing the trunk. I coloured it with chalky pastel pencils.

Day 9: lion on purple

An experiment of Art Stix on a dark purple paper. The drawing isn't that great, but the effect is brilliant! I laid down some white for his face, and I love how it "pops". I'd really like to get some black paper to do some drawings on, but currently I've just got this purple paper and a deep green.

Day 10: pixel art!

Again, something different! Pixel art, whee! Yeah, I wanted to work on some computer graphics... you know some of the tiny ones... smilies are supposed to be 15x15 pixels. And at 72pixels/inch, well, let's just say that is not going to make my Art by the Inch inches!

So, I got some graph paper out. And to give myself an idea of how they look, blown up on graph paper, I copied a couple animal "smilies" from the Internet: the cow and the hamster in his wheel. And then I made my own... That's Tegan the guinea pig who has been pixelized! Isn't she brilliant! And the I <3 Elephants is about the size of a 88x31 button. :)

Doing the pixel art on graph paper was terribly time consuming. It took 2.5 hours from start to finish, and I didn't even cover the whole page. (Tho I did decide to "count" the whole page due to the time involved!) But I loved doing it! It was fun to do something so totally different!

Oh, and here is the Tegan smilie... Pixel Tegan ... hehe! (uh, the elephant one didn't convert well, I'll have to work on it some more later.)

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