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Sun 24 Feb 2007

Remember the Hawthorn Elephants? Last year, they rescued eight of the remaining ten elephants from the evil Hawthorn Corp... Minnie, Lottie, Queenie, Ronnie, Debbie, Billie, Freida and Liz have found their forever home at The Elephant Sanctuary (TES) in Tennessee and have been renamed The Divas.

The other two elephants, Nic and Gypsy, stayed behind at Hawthorn because TES doesn't take male elephants. Gypsy was kept to keep poor Nic company. Hawthorn wasn't allowed to make make money off them, and I assume that Gypsy and Nic have been chained to the floor of a warehouse for the past year. :`(

But this will change soon! PAWS, Performing Animal Welfare Society, has decided to give Nic and Gypsy a home!!

I am so happy and excited! PAWS are good people, and I'm sure Nic and Gypsy will have a great life there! Yay!


  S8: Hawthorn Elephants Me chatting about "Who's Who" of the Hawthorn herd.

  S8: Eight Elephants The Divas have all arrived at TES. This is my entry about them, with screen shots from the EleCam.

  The Elephant Sanctuary Yay! Be sure to check out the awesome EleCam!

  PAWS Yay! Please consider donating here. Nic and Gypsy will be arriving at the "old" PAWS elephant facility at the end of March... but PAWS is going to be building a new habitat at the ARK2000 site and they need help to make that happen!

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